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ASTM Bioassay Quick Reference Table

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Soil Standards
Media Additional Info. Organisms/Species Test ASTM #
soil contaminated specific Luminescent Marine Bacterium toxicity D5660-96
soil   birds reproductive E1062-86
soil   mice acute lethality E1073-91
soil dermal terrestrial mammals subchronic dermal toxicity E1103-96
soil oral rats acute oral toxicity E1163-90
soil   ? soil-core microcosms E1197-87
soil   Chinese hamster Gene Mutation E1262-88
soil   mammals bone marrow micronucleus assay E1263-97
soil   mouse lymphoma mutagenicity assay E1280-89
soil oral rats 90 day oral toxicity E1372-95
soil   rats & rabbits developmental E1483-92
soil   rats two-generation reproduction E1550-94
soil   plants early seedling growth E1598-94
soil   canine cardiac sensitization E1674-95
soil   Lumbricid Earthworms soil toxicity/bioacummulation E1676-97
soil   rats and mice Oncogenicity Study E1811-96
soil soil elutriate specific plants chronic toxicity E47.11.01
soil hazardous waste site specific terrestrial plants seedling emergence E47.11.05
soil   mammals predicide efficacy E552
soil oral vertebrate acute LD50 E555
soil   rodent rodenticide efficacy E593
soil   nematodes field evaluation E629
soil   canine reproductive E757
soil dermal mammals acute percutaneous toxicity E758-97
soil   birds subacute dietary toxicity E857-87
soil dermal rabbits dermal irritation F719-81
soil dermal guinea pig dermal allergenicity F720-81

Sediment Standards
Media Additional Info. Organisms/Species Test ASTM #
sediment   ? biological E1525-94a
sediment-estuarine and marine   amphipods 10-day static sediment toxicity E1367-92
sediment-estuarine and marine   Polychaetous Annelids sediment toxicity E1611-94
sediment-freshwater   invertebrates sediment toxicity E1383-94
sediment-freshwater   invertebrates sediment toxicity E1706-95b
sediment-freshwater and marine   benthic invertebrates sediment toxicity E1688-96

General Aquatic Standards
Media Additional Info. Organisms/Species Test ASTM #
aquatic wastewater specific Microbial Cultures inhibition of respiration D5120-90
aquatic sewage sludge specific n/a Aerobic Biodegradation D5210-92
aquatic wastewater specific n/a Aerobic Biodegradation D5271-93
aquatic lubricant contaminated ? toxicity D6081-97
aquatic   aquatic organisms stepwise process E1023-84
aquatic effluent specific fishes,macroinvert.,amphibians acute toxicity E1192-97
aquatic   Daphnia magna life-cycle toxicity E1193-97
aquatic   brine shrimp n/a E1203-92
aquatic   microalgae static 96h toxicity E1218-97a
aquatic   fishes early life-stage toxicity E1241-92
aquatic   Ceriodaphnia dubia three-brood, renewal toxicity test E1295-89
aquatic   animals acute animal toxicity E1302-89
aquatic   aquatic herb (Lemna gibba) static toxicity E1415-91
aquatic   fish, amphibians, and macroinvertebrates behavioral E1604-94
aquatic   fishes,macroinvert.,amphibians acute toxicity E729-96

Aquatic- Freshwater, Marine or Estuarine Specific Standards
Media Additional Info. Organisms/Species Test ASTM #
aquatic-estuarine and marine   Polychaetous Annelids life-cycle aquatic toxicity E1562-94
aquatic-freshwater   Selenastrum capricornutum growth potential D3978-80
aquatic-freshwater   mosquito (Wyeomia smithii) acute toxicity screening E1365-90
aquatic-freshwater   microcosms multi-trophic level procedures E1366-96
aquatic-freshwater   South African clawed frog, Xenopus laevi frog embryo teratogenesis E1439-91
aquatic-freshwater   fish Ventilatory Behavioral Toxicology E1768-95
aquatic-freshwater   macrophytes Renewal Phytotoxicity E1841-96
aquatic-freshwater and marine   Rotifer Brachionus acute toxicity E1440-91
aquatic-freshwater and marine   fish behavioral E1711-95
aquatic-marine   bivalve mollusk bioconcentration E1022-94
aquatic-marine   mysids life-cycle E1191-97
aquatic-marine   mysids static and flow-through acute toxicity E1463-92
aquatic-marine   seaweeds sexual reproduction E1498-92
aquatic-marine   Echinoid Embryos Static Acute Toxicity E1563-95
aquatic-marine   Saltwater Bivalve Molluscs Static Acute Toxicity E724-94

Air Related Standards
Media Additional Info. Organisms/Species Test ASTM #
air inhalation rats Subchronic Inhalation Toxicity E1373-92

Bioassay Related Standards
Media Additional Info. Organisms/Species Test ASTM #
related protocol   various preparation for chemical analysis D4638-95a
related protocol   n/a pH D4972-95a
related protocol   plants Diagnostic Soil Test D5435-93
related protocol water formed deposits n/a sampling practices D887-82
related protocol storing various freeze drying and storing E1342-97
related protocol   n/a sediment collection standards E1391-94
related protocol cryopreservation various design and maintenance E1564-93
related protocol nitrogen freezers various handling procedures E1565-93
related protocol terminology n/a terminology E943-97b

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