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Accumulation Time

Acronyms List

Acute Hazardous Waste (see Hazardous Waste)

Aerosol Containers (maybe see Containers)

Annual Facility Report (Maybe have a Reports tab for all reports to be referred to?)

Agencies (direct to map of Cal for list of local, state & federal)

Complaints     Southern Cal. Air Quality Management District link     State Air Resources Board    

Air bags (see Automotive)

Air Conditioning recycling & disposal (see Appliance recycling)

Air tank permits (see dept. of Industrial Relations)

Alkaline batteries (see batteries)

All Appropriate Inquiries (see Brownfields)


Appliance Recycling (aka Certified Appliance Recycler )
Household appliance recycling     E-Waste recycling

contractor     disposal     health impacts     managing waste     removal & abatement

ASTM-American Society of Testing & Materials

ATSDR- Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (health & chemical information) http://www.atsdr.cdc.gov/  

Auto Shredder Waste

Air bags     Antifreeze     Auto Shredder Waste     Bureau of Automotive Repair link     Catalytic Converters     Used Oil     Used Filters


Lamp     PCB ballasts

Alkaline     Automotive-Lead Acid     Household     Rechargeable     Universal Waste

Biennial Report (see Reports)

Bioterrorism (see ATSDR, or put in a link to their specific page or Homeland security)

BOE (Board of Equalization)

Brochures-Posters-Pamphlets (see wherever we’re going to put how to order publications-Library?)

All Appropriate Inquiries

Building Code Enforcement & Safety

BAR - Bureau of Automotive Repair  (see Automotive)

Administrative Contracts     Bid request     Generator Requirements     Hazardous waste Identification     New products & technology     Publications
Small Business Waste disposal options (New fact sheet & link to County map for CESQG disposal)
Starting a New business (New fact sheet + Link to CalGold)

Business Plan (see Contingency plan




CalRecycle - Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery

Calsites  Database (now known as Envirostor)


Cal Health Safety Standard Limits List (CHSSL)


California Cancer Registry             

National Cancer Institute 1-800-4-cancer

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning 

CAS Number

Catalytic Converters (see automotive)

CCA-Chromated copper arsenate (see Treated Wood Waste)

Certified Appliance Recycler- CAR (see Appliance Recycling)

CESQG- Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generator (See Generator)

Certified Unified Program Agency (CUPA)  see “local agency contact list

CFCs or HCFCs – Halogenated Chloro Fluoro -carbons (See Appliance Recycling)

CFR- Code of Federal Regulations

            Generator Inspection Checklist
            Inspection Guidance Checklist
            Interim Status Inspection Checklist
            Permit Inspection Checklist
            Transporter Inspection Checklist    

Chemicals (see MSDS, or Waste Identification)

CHP- California Highway Patrol

Clean Fill (See Soil Sampling)

Clean Water Act 

Closure (generator units:Drip pads & permit for closure)

Closure Plan

Community Right to Know (see TRI- Toxics Release Inventory


            Air (Smoking Vehicle) 
            Illegal disposal of hazardous waste 1-800-69-toxic

            Mold (CDPH)


Compliance School

Compressed Gas Cylinder (see Containers)

Consolidation (see Accumulation)

Consumer Affairs, Dept.



            Local Agencies including CUPAs

            Cal EPA agencies

            US EPA

Contained-in Rule


            Empty, labels, contaminated

Contiguous Property

Contingency Plan & Emergency Procedures

Contracts - Procurement (see Business)
           Conversion disclaimerconversion website


Cortese List



Covered Electronic Devices
Crime Scene Cleaners
CRTs- Cathode Ray Tubes (See Electronic Waste)

CUPA- Certified Unified Program Agency  see “local agency contact list

Cylinders (See Compressed Gas Cylinders)


Deed Restrictions

Definitions (see Regulations, Title 22, section 66260.10)
Dental waste

            Dental, Medical and Veterinary Offices: Managing your Hazardous Waste

            CA DDPH Medical Waste Management Program

Dept. of Health Services
Department of Transportation
U.S.  and California

Disclosure Policy(voluntary) Also see Site Cleanup & Release Reporting

Discrepancy Report

Disposal Fees charged by dealerships and automotive maintenance shops

District Attorney (LA County)

Division of Oil and Gas & Geothermal Resources

Do Not Call List

Doctors- complaints etc.

DOT (see Department of Transportation)

Drinking Water

            EPA webpage      DHS webpage

            Cleanup standards MCLs list

Drug Lab

            Cleanup and Enforcement      Complaint of suspected drug lab      Real Estate disclosure      Site addresses         

Drug Disposal (see Pharmaceuticals)

Dry Cleaners

DVDs (added as Haz waste for disposal)



ECHOUS EPA Enforcement and Compliance History online

Electronic Waste (E-waste)
            Annual report
            Event (or collection event)

Environmental Chemistry Lab ECL –  (see Lab)

Emergency Response  (also see Spill reporting, Contingency plan)

Emergent Chemicals List

EMFs Electromagnetic fields was DHS

EPA, U.S. www.epa.gov  or http://epa.gov/region09/

EPA ID number (see ID number)

EPCRA- Emergency Planning & Community Right to Know

Exception Reports


Exporting -
            Hazardous waste      
            Electronic waste
            Universal waste