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DTSC Concentrates On Cost Recovery Backlog

Cost Recovery by the Numbers $1.4 billion – What DTSC has spent since 1987 overseeing the cleanup of contaminated properties by other parties or cleaning up contaminated properties itself. $184.5 – Portion of cleanup costs DTSC has not collected, including: $45 million – Billed but not collected $37.3 million – Tied up in litigation, bankruptcy or other legal considerations $102.7 million – Not billed

The Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) released a status report today (May 30, 2013) on its efforts to address financial risk facing the Department. The Financial Integrity and State Managers’ Accountability (FISMA) report summarizes the work DTSC has done over the past two years to address the backlog of costs in its cost recovery program that developed over the past 26 years.

DTSC spends millions of dollars each year to clean up sites contaminated by hazardous substances, ranging from former military bases to landfill operations to “mom-and-pop” dry cleaners. The Department is obligated to recover those costs when it can identify a responsible party with the means to pay.

However, during the past 26 years, DTSC has not taken all of the steps needed to resolve about $184.5 million in costs that the Department incurred cleaning up contaminated sites. Following is a Q&A about DTSC’s cost recovery backlog and what Director Debbie Raphael is doing to address it. READ MORE