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Restoring Communities and Protecting California: DTSC Successes

 Recent Success Stories

  • DTSC's Emergency Response team helps clean up hazardous waste in Northern Californian fire (03/26/2015)

  • DTSC is helping bring prosperity and business to Emeryville (02/18/2015)

  • DTSC is helping lay the foundation for a unique school in Visalia (02/10/2015)

  • DTSC response in marijuana labs is booming (01/06/2015)

  • DTSC's Environmental Chemistry Lab is a leader in flame-retardant research (12/02/2014)

  • DTSC Receives Grant to Develop Guidance for Safer Consumer Products (11/10/2014)

  • DTSC is helping turn former farmland in Fresno County into a new high school (10/29/2014)

  • DTSC's Emergency Response Unit Helps Cleanup Hazardous Waste From Boles Fire in Weed (10/17/2014)

  • Former Farm Land Could Sprout a School (09/26/2014)

  • DTSC helps turn contamination land into housing project (09/11/2014)

  • Success Story: DTSC Plays a Role in Process of Constructing New Arena in Downtown Sacramento (10/20/2014)

  • Success Story:  Biomonitoring California Program Receives Funding from U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (08/19/2014)

  • DTSC’s oversight of Riverside County hazardous waste cleanup (08/07/2014)

  • Success Story:  DTSC Aids in Investigation as CPI International, Inc. is Fined $135,000 for Illegal Disposal and Treatment of Hazardous Waste (07/24/2014)

    Military Base Cleanups

    A quarter of all U.S. military bases shut down during base closings from 1988 through 1995 were in California. DTSC mobilized massive base cleanup efforts that have repositioned more than 70 percent of closed acreage for new uses.


    Brownfields Cleanups

    Brownfields are contaminated industrial and manufacturing sites that require cleanups before being developed for new uses. DTSC has cleaned up thousands of acres of brownfields to create new housing, offices, stores and jobs.


    Groundwater Cleanups

    Industrial byproducts and other contaminants can spread beyond surface soils and into one of California’s most precious resources, its groundwater. Many of DTSC’s cleanups involve successfully restoring the quality of groundwater.


    Mine Cleanups

    More than a century and a half of mining in California has created an estimated 47,000 abandoned mine land sites. DTSC’s cleanup efforts have led to new uses, including parks.


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