Current Openings

Click here for a listing of all open positions at DTSC.

The state hiring process consists of a number of steps. You can read about the process in DTSC's "The Hiring Process" fact sheet. Also, you may want to visit the California Department of Human Resources (CalHR) web site for more employment information.

The Department's staff include:

  • Scientists with backgrounds in environmental, biological, chemical, physical, soil science and environmental public health;
  • Engineers with major work in civil, mechanical, chemical, environmental and waste management engineering;
  • Geologists and engineering geologists;
  • Industrial Hygienists with backgrounds in environmental health, engineering, chemistry, biology, physics, medicine and public health;
  • Toxicologists with major work in toxicology, biochemistry and pharmacology;
  • Special investigators; 

and a variety of administrative, management and clerical classifications.

Important - To compete for job openings at DTSC, unless you are a current or former State employee and have return rights to the job classification, you must have successfully passed the examination for the job classification and been placed on a current employment eligibility list. If you are not currently eligible, read our fact sheet, "The Hiring Process" to learn how you can become eligible.

  • DTSC has offices in Sacramento (2), Berkeley, Chatsworth, Clovis, Cypress, El Centro, Los Angeles and San Diego.

For more information about DTSC, you can contact our personnel office at 916-323-2679.