Learn About Related Programs

  • The Unified Program implements six environmental and emergency response programs at the local governmental level via Certified Unified Program Agencies (CUPAs).  In Imperial County (Website Under Construction) and Trinity County (Website Under Construction), DTSC is certified to be the CUPA.
  • DTSC's Environmental Justice Enforcement Initiative is involving the public while addressing public health and environmental impacts in environmental justice communities.
  • Learn about compliance assistance and enforcement.
  • DTSC's Financial Assurance program ensures that commercial hazardous waste management facilities have adequate financial resources to cover accidental liabilities and long term closure costs.
  • DTSC's Universal Waste program oversees a wide variety of hazardous wastes which may not be disposed in solid waste landfills. These include fluorescent tubes, and some electronic wastes. CONSUME LESS and DON'T throw them in the trash! You must notify DTSC of e-waste handling and recycling activities. File online here. Annual facility and collection event reports are due on February 1.