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Exide Corporation is a battery recycler with a facility located at 2700 South Indiana Avenue, Vernon, Calif. 

Since 1992, Exide Corp. has recovered lead from various used, old or discarded materials. The plastic components are recycled by KW Plastics of California in Bakersfield. The sulfuric acid is also neutralized and used in the wastewater treatment system.

The facility has an average production of 100,000 to 120,000 tons of lead per year. This is equivalent to recycling approximately 11 million car batteries, which is about the same number of used batteries generated in California annually. Exide also recovers lead from lead bearing plant scrap and secondary materials, primarily from lead-acid battery manufacturers. These activities require a hazardous waste facility permit from DTSC.

Exide Corp. has submitted a Hazardous Waste Facility Permit Application for its hazardous waste operations. 

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 Residential Cleanup Progress

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March 21, 2014 Update

On March 21, 2014, DTSC received documents entitled: Response to March 10, 2014 Comments, Off-Site Soil Sampling Report; Addendum to the November 15, 2013 Work Plan for Off-Site Soil Sampling; and Interim Measures Work Plan from Exide Technologies in response to DTSC’s order of March 10, 2014 to submit workplans to address lead in soils in neighborhoods in the Boyle Heights area and the City of Maywood located near the Exide facility in Vernon. DTSC ordered the work plans after soil samples performed by an Exide contractor found lead in 39 residential yards in those neighborhoods. DTSC will review the workplans and will post its written response on the web site when its review is completed. 


November 4, 2013 Update


October 18, 2013 Update

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