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Latest News

Key Project Updates and Resources

Project Management and Residential Sampling & Cleanup

Company Name Contracts
Sampling and Cleanup/
Closure Protocols
Worker Health &
Safety Info
Parsons 13-T3828 Contract Amendment 1
Final Sampling Workplan

Cleanup (IRMW) Workplan

Project Safety Health and Environment Plan
15-T4041 Contract Amendment 1

Amendment 2
--- ---
15-T4056 Contract Amendment 1

Amendment 2

Amendment 3
--- ---
17-T4319 Contract ---
Final Closure Plan

Final Closure Implementation Plan (CIP) -- under review
Closure Health and Safety Plan -- under review
Arcadis 16-T4162 Contract Amendment 1
Final Sampling Work Plan

Supplemental Sampling Workplan for Schools and Parks


Second Addendum

Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP)

QAPP Addendum 1

QAPP Addendum 2

Health and Safety Plan
EFI Global 16-T4161 Contract Amendment 1
Health and Safety Plan
AECOMM/URS 16-T4186 Contract Amendment 1
Health & Safety Plan
LATTC 16-T4153 Contract --- --- ---
Macias Gini & O'Connell LLP 16-T4187 Contract

16-T4187 Contract
Status Update

Work Plan v. 1
--- ---
Industrial Hygienist Monitoring --- --- --- October 2016 Report


Facility Closure

Calendar of Upcoming Public Meetings


Information Hotlines

  • DTSC Exide Cleanup Project Information Hotline: 1-844-225-3887
  • Los Angeles County Blood Lead Screening Hotline: 1-844-888-2290
  • CalOSHA Workplace Complaint Hotline: (626) 239-0369
  • CA Department of Industrial Relations Labor Commissioner's LA Office (retaliation/discrimination complaint): (213) 620-6330
  • California Attorney General Investigator: 619-738-9694 (English and Spanish)

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More News

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Residential Cleanup:


Exide Facility Closure:

  DTSC has begun sampling and cleanup of residential properties in areas impacted by lead emissions from the Exide facility. More info...
  The Exide Vernon Facility is in the process of closure which involves the cleanup and deconstruction of buildings at the facility. More info...

Contact Information:


Frequently Asked Questions:

  Contact DTSC representatives for Cleanup, Closure, Public Participation and Media. Stay in touch by signing up for the Exide E-list and Alerts from DTSC's Envirostor Database. More info...   Answers to the the most asked and most recent questions concerning the residential cleanup and the the facility closure. More info...

Video Clips

Video - Community Outreach:
Community Resource Fair

Community Outreach:
XRF Training
Lead Contamination Cleanup:
Preliminary Area of Investigation

Visit the Project Documents page for more information.

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