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Permanent Hazardous Waste ID Numbers

Permanent ID numbers are issued to people or businesses who routinely generate or handle hazardous wastes. There are two categories of ID numbers. These are State ID Numbers and (federal) EPA ID numbers.

DTSC issues permanent State ID numbers to handlers for the purpose of tracking hazardous wastes. Permanent State ID numbers are issued to a person or business that routinely handle hazardous wastes, but do not need to obtain an EPA ID number (If you need an EPA ID number, we have information below).

State ID numbers are site-specific and owner-specific. If the business changes owners OR changes location, a new State ID number must be obtained.

Perm Federal EPA ID Number

Do You Need a Federal EPA ID Number?

There are two types of hazardous wastes in California: those that are subject to federal regulations, also known as RCRA hazardous waste, and those that are considered "California-only" or non-RCRA hazardous waste, such as used oil and universal waste. DTSC issues and updates both state and federal EPA ID numbers.

Most state ID numbers begin with the letters "CAL." These ID numbers do not allow you to manifest (ship) more than 100 kg of RCRA hazardous waste and/or 1 kg of acute hazardous waste, just California-only, or non-RCRA, hazardous waste. To obtain or update your State ID, please use DTSC Form 1358 (includes instructions).

If you or your business generates more than 100 kg of RCRA hazardous waste and/or more than 1 kg of acutely hazardous waste, then you need to obtain a federal EPA ID number.

perm-epa-id-numI have an EPA ID Number

To learn more about RCRA hazardous waste, please go to the U.S. EPA's Waste Code List. For more information regarding RCRA hazardous waste, please refer to 40 CFR 261.

To Inactivate a Permanent EPA ID Number

To inactivate/cancel a Federal EPA ID number, you only need to send in a "Letter of Inactivation." The letter should contain the EPA ID number to be inactivated, the location address to which it is registered, a date, an original "wet signature," and a current contact address and phone number. There is no application form to complete.

Please send your inactivation letter to the following address:

California Department of Toxic Substances Control
Attn: RCRA Notifications
P.O. Box 806 Sacramento, CA 95812-0806