Reactivating an ID Number

How do I reactivate my existing ID number?

Permanent ID numbers become inactive for multiple reasons. The most common reason is failure to respond to 
the ID number verification questionnaire by the deadline in the notice that is sent to all handlers. Additionally, 
some companies choose to inactivate their number and later need to reactivate it. It is a simple process to 
reactivate a number.

If you did not respond to the 2017 ID number verification questionnaire, and need to reactivate your CA or federal 
ID number, please click here. If you have a federal EPA ID number, please also register at this link and update 
your information in the EPA database, RCRAInfo. Alternatively, you may send the Form 8700-12 to DTSC.

NOTE: Temporary numbers CANNOT be reactivated.  You may only have one temporary ID number at your site.
If you need another temporary ID number, you must apply for a permanent ID number.

Please choose which type of number you have, a state ID number, or a federal EPA ID number:

 I have a State ID NumberI have an EPA ID Number 

If you have a state ID number and did not respond to a 2016 or prior year verification questionnaire, select the 
green button (I have a state ID number).
If you have a federal EPA ID number and did not respond to a 2016 or prior year verification questionnaire, please 
select the blue button (I have an EPA ID number).

I don't know what type of ID number I have.

The first two or three characters in your ID number determine the type of ID number you have:

  • Federal EPA ID number: CAR, CA, CAD, CAT, CAP
  • State ID number: CAL, CAC, CAD, CAH, CAI, CAE, CAF, CAS, CLU, CAX, CA99
For a more detailed discussion of these prefixes and their meaning, please refer to our fact sheet,
EPA Identification Numbers for Generators.