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Policies about permitting and compliance, and policies affecting those who generate, transport, store, treat and dispose of hazardous waste.
Policy and Procedures Manual guiding DTSC's public involvement program.
Policies about school sites, brownfields, military facilities, emergency response and clandestine drug lab cleanup.
Office of Civil Rights
  • Title VI Policy and Procedures 
    DTSC's policy and procedures regarding non-discrimination in the provision of services, administration of its programs, and contractual agreements with DTSC contractors, subcontractors, and beneficiaries of state and federal funding. 
  • Complaint Form for Denial of Services 
    This form should be used to file a Title VI Discrimination Complaint with DTSC's Office of Civil Rights.
  • Communication Assistance Resolution
    DTSC’s Communication Assistance Resolution process and form.  This form should be used to file a complaint of denial of services due to a language barrier.