Chapter 18. Land Disposal Restrictions

Article Title Section Range
Article 1 General §66268.1 - §66268.9

Article 2 Schedule for Land Disposal Prohibition and Establishment of Treatment Standards §66268.10 - §66268.29

Article 3 Prohibitions on Land Disposal §66268.30 - §66268.39.5

Article 2 Treatment Standards §66268.40 - §66268.49

Article 5 Prohibition on Storage §66268.50

Article 10 Land Disposal Prohibition-Non-RCRA Wastes §66268.100

Article 11 Treatment Standards-Non-RCRA Waste Categories §66268.105 - §66268.114

Article 12 Incineration Requirements of Certain Hazardous Waste §66268.120 - §66268.124

Appendix I Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP)

Appendix II [Reserved]

Appendix III List of Halogenated Organic Compounds Regulated Under 66268.32 EPA Listed Compounds

Appendix III-A List of Halogenated Organic Compounds Regulated Under 66268.32: California Listed Compounds

Appendix IV Wastes Excluded From Lab Packs Under the Alternative Treatment Standards of Section 66268.42(c)

Appendix V [Reserved]

Appendix VI Recommended Technologies to Achieve Deactivation of Characteristics in Section 66268.42

Appendix VII, Table I Effective Dates of Surface Disposed Wastes (Non-Soil and Debris) Regulated in the LDRs

Appendix VII, Table II Summary of Effective Dates of Land Disposal Restrictions for Contaminated Soil and Debris (CSD)

Appendix VIII LDR Effective Dates of Injected Prohibited Hazardous Wastes

Appendix IX Extraction Procedure (EP) Toxicity Test Method and Structural Integrity Test (SW-846, Method 1310A)

Appendix X [Reserved]

Appendix XI Metal Bearing Wastes Prohibited From Dilution in a Combustion Unit According to section 66268.3(b)

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