2011 Video Contest Winner

"It Starts With Me, The Time Is Now!"

Their message is green and clear- pollution prevention starts with me and you. 60 seconds of driving that message home makes a group of students from Fresno’s Violet Heintz Education Academy the winner of the Pollution Prevention Week 2011 Video Contest.

This year’s contest winners are from a place many might not expect- a community day school in Fresno, CA where students are in the midst of tough social, behavioral and academic challenges. Their lives are not easy. Frills are few and far between.

That background comes through in their no nonsense, not a second wasted, approach to letting Californians know that taking steps to prevent pollution is a job we all share. Everyone, in every neighborhood can start using fewer toxic chemicals, conserving water and energy, reducing air pollution, and generating less solid and hazardous waste.

DTSC and the Western Sustainability and Pollution Prevention Network (WSPPN) congratulate the students at Violet Heintz Education Academy for their outstanding achievement and support for Pollution Prevention Week 2011 through their winning video entry “It Starts With Me, The Time is Now!”

The winner receives:

  • Prime time screening at the San Francisco Green Film Festival 2012
  • Two night stay for two at the Galleria Park Hotel- a certified green business
  • Behind the scenes tour for two of San Francisco’s Aquarium of the Bay- a certified green business


 San Francisco Green Film Festival 2nd Annual Film Festival


 Galleria Park Hotel


 San Francisco Bay | Aquarium of the Bay