Brake Pad Documents and Fact Sheets

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Chaptered Senate Bill No. 346, Article 13.5: Motor Vehicle Brake Friction Materials, California Health and Safety Code section 25250.50 through 25250.65

State of California 2013 Vehicle Code

Society of Automotive Engineers Standard J866 – Friction Coefficient Identification and Environmental Marking System for Brake Linings (this document needs to be purchased from SAE)

Society of Automotive Engineers Standard J2975 – Measurement of Copper and Other Elements in Brake Friction Materials (this document needs to be purchased from SAE)

Assessment of the Capacity of XRF Analysis as a Tool for the Screening of Brake Pad Friction Materials (file size: 4.6 MB)

Guidelines for Selecting a Brake Friction Material Testing Certification Agency

Motor Vehicle Brake Friction Materials - Senate Bill 346 (Presentation by DTSC for the Bureau of Automotive Repair Advisory Group)

California's Brake Pad Proposed Regulations (Presentation by DTSC for the Society of Automotive Engineers Brake Colloquium)

Questions Regarding the Brake Pad Law

Informal draft regulation

Material for Workshops on the Informal Draft Regulations



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