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Phase Two - Analysis of Policy Options, January - June 2008

The Green Chemistry Initiative is divided into two phases. During Phase One, from April to December 2007, participants brainstormed more than 800 options. These options were compiled into the Phase One report.  Phase Two consisted of the analysis of Phase One options.  Draft "frameworks" for Green Chemistry Initiative were developed through dialog with stakeholders.
This dialog consisted of interagency teams within state government who developed plans for the “Key Elements” presented in the Phase One Report.  DTSC held 5 public workshops that focused on the many options submitted during Phase One through its “draft policy frameworks” document.

To engage the scientific community, DTSC assembled the Green Chemistry Science Advisory Panel consisting of 21 of the nation’s leading scientists and engineers. The panel served to guide the department on scientific matters and provide the technical basis for the Green Chemistry Initiative.

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