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National P2 Week


California celebrated its first statewide Pollution Prevention (P2) Week October 4-10, 1993. The celebration coincided with the first National P2 week.  It has since become an annual event dedicated to education and action focused on reducing pollution at the source.

During National P2 week, California partners with local governments, environmental and economic development programs, industry associations, and environmental groups to present events that increase public awareness of pollution prevention. National P2 Week is a time for consumers and businesses throughout the state to learn and recognize that it makes both common and economic sense to protect our environment.

The California Consortium of Pollution Prevention Committees developed the concept of a P2 week. However, the success of National P2 Week is ultimately due to the hard work of local government agencies, which carry out activities such as P2 workshops, tours of facilities implementing P2 practices, storm drain stenciling, award programs, special training sessions, and resolutions and proclamations.  Additionally, numerous agencies sponsor P2 videos on local access television, mail out P2 information to businesses and households, write P2 articles for local newspapers, and give presentations in local elementary and junior high schools.

The success of National P2 Week illustrates how a network of committed agencies can leverage limited resources to make positive change at local, state and national levels.  National P2 Week is helping pollution prevention become a mainstream component of the government and business culture in California.


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