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DTSC's Public Information Office coordinates all contact with news media representatives through interviews, news releases and opinion articles. The Public Information Office is also responsible for ensuring that DTSC's records are appropriately available to the public by overseeing our responsiveness to Public Records Act requests.


DTSC Press Releases 2016

Title Date PR No./
Doc Type
  DTSC Orders Quemetco to Fix Hazardous Waste Leak-Detection System 07/26/2016   T-12-16

  DTSC Dedicates New Treatment Plant at Stringfellow Site 07/21/2016   T-11-16

  DTSC Begins Rulemaking for Children’s Nap Mats 07/15/2016   T-10-16

  Media Advisory S-DTSC tendrá una reunión de alcance sobre el EIR de la Limpieza Residencial de Exide 06/22/2016   Advisory

  Media Advisory - DTSC Holds “Scoping Meetings” on Exide Residential Cleanup EIR 06/22/2016   Advisory

  New Members for DTSC’s Science Advisory Panel 06/15/2016   T-09-16

  DTSC settles complaint against FedEx Ground for $3.4 million 06/13/2016   T-08-16

  DTSC Investigation Leads to Criminal Charges Against Scrap Metal Recycling Facility in Los Angeles County 05/31/2016   T-07-16

  Nueva política del DTSC beneficia la justicia ambiental y a las comunidades de nativos americanos 05/10/2016   T-06-16S

  New DTSC Policy Benefits Environmental Justice and Native American Communities 05/10/2016   T-06-16

  Nuevo Análisis Examina Los Niveles de Sangre con Plomo Alrededor de Exide 04/08/2016   T-05-16S

  New Analysis Examines Blood Lead Levels Near Exide 04/08/2016   T-05-16

  Volunteers Trained by DTSC Canvass Boyle Heights Neighborhood to Protect Public Health 03/12/2016   T-04-16

  Community Resource Fair for Residents Potentially Impacted by the Exide Recycling Plant 03/11/2016   Advisory

  Video - California Phases In Copper-Free Brake Pads 03/01/2016   Advisory

  Flame retardant levels in California breast milk decreasing, DTSC study finds 02/24/2016   T-03-16

  Press Availability on DTSC Study Showing Decline of PBDE levels in the breast milk of California women 02/24/2016   Advisory

  Manufacturers Agree to Improve Collection of Used Mercury-Containing Thermostats 02/22/2016   T-02-16

  Llamada para la Prensa Sobre Exide Technologies 02/17/2016  

  News Media Call-In Regarding Exide Technologies 02/17/2016  

  Pacific Steel, Inc. to Pay $138,000 to Settle Hazardous Waste Violations 01/12/2016   T-01-16