Healthy Nail Salon Recognition Program

Assembly Bill AB2125, (Ch. 564, Stats. 2016) added section 25257.2 to the chapter 6.5 of the Health and Safety Code, which requires DTSC to publish guidelines to assist local government agencies in California to voluntarily establish and implement Healthy Nail Salon Recognition (HNSR) Programs. DTSC is to publish these guidelines by January 1, 2018.

DTSC HNSR Program guidelines will include:

  • A list of benefits of implementing the voluntary HNSR program;
  • Implementation requirements for local government agencies;
  • Criteria for compliance with the requirements of other regulatory bodies;
  • Topics for nail salon staff training;
  • Criteria for adopting safer nail products,
  • A list of safer work practices;
  • A list of engineering controls;
  • Requirements for salons to obtain and maintain certification;and
  • A list of elements to be included in an implementation plan for local government agencies.

Nail salons that choose to follow the voluntary HNSR Program guidelines will receive a sealed certification from their local government agency HNSR Program coordinators. DTSC also plans to release outreach material for program implementation, training of nail salon staff, and customer education program in early 2018.

Link to AB2125 Bill: