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Safer Consumer Products Petitions

The Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) will accept petitions to: add or remove one or more chemicals from the Candidate Chemical list, add or remove the entirety of an existing chemicals list from the lists specified in section 69502.2(a), or to add or remove any chemical-product combination from the Priority Products list.

For more information, please review the Frequently Asked Questions. If you have more questions, please contact: saferconsumerproducts@dtsc.ca.gov.

Stages in the Petitions Process

There are several phases which are part of the petitions process:

  • Phase 1: Petition for Review Filed List of petitions filed
  • Phase 2: Petition Completeness Review List of petitions undergoing completeness review
  • Phase 3: Petition Reviewed for its Merits List of complete petitions being reviewed on merits
  • Phase 4: Petition Granted or Denied List of petitions granted/ denied on merits
  • Phase 5: Contents of Petition included in next regular Candidate Chemicals or Priority Products rulemaking. List of petitions granted and included in next regular rulemaking

To Send a Petition

If your petition and supporting materials are under 10MB, you can e-mail them and the petition form to: saferconsumerproducts@dtsc.ca.gov.

If your supporting materials are over 10MB you can use DTSC's FTP site. Select Linda Bunyan from the drop down menu as the "DTSC Recipient" of your files. Please note that if your files contain confidential information you must encrypt the file and provide the password in the "sender message" area of the form to ensure confidentiality.