Priority Product Work Plan

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DTSC’s final 2015-17 Work Plan describes product categories from which the Department will select Priority Products over the next three years. The Work Plan does not specifically identify Priority Products or Chemicals of Concern and does not impose any regulatory requirements.

Seven product categories were chosen using a variety of screening approaches discussed by DTSC’s Green Ribbon Science Panel at their June 25, 2014, meeting.

DTSC will use the screening approaches and prioritization criteria to identify specific products within these categories that will be investigated as potential Priority Products. We also will solicit stakeholder input to help clarify various factors that lead to selection of potential Priority Products. The Work Plan is intended to provide a higher level of predictability regarding potential products DTSC may choose to investigate.

An update to the Work Plan will be issued one year before its expiration date to indicate the focus of the next three-year cycle.

Product Categories

  • Beauty, Personal Care and Hygiene Products
  • Building Products and Household, Office Furniture and Furnishings
    • Building Products: Painting Products, Adhesives, Sealants, and Flooring
    • Household, Office Furniture and Furnishings
  • Cleaning Products
  • Clothing
  • Fishing and Angling Equipment
  • Office Machinery

Policy Priorities

Our policy objectives and priorities played an important role in guiding our selection of product categories. The categories include products that:

  • Provide clear pathways for exposure to one or more Candidate Chemicals
  • Contain chemicals that have been detected in biomonitoring studies
  • Contain chemicals that have been observed in indoor air and dust studies
  • May impact children or workers
  • Contain chemicals that may adversely impact aquatic resource or that have been observed through water quality monitoring

What’s Next?

DTSC will hold a series of workshops starting the latter half of 2016 to discuss product categories and potential Priority Products.

Workshops & Comments

View the 344 comments submitted on the draft Work Plan on our California Safer Products Management System (CalSAFER).

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