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DTSC's Safer Consumer Products Final Priority Product Work Plan and Newly Enhanced CalSAFER System Announcements

The Safer Consumer Products program is using a four-step process to reduce toxic chemicals in the products that consumers buy and use. It identifies specific products that contain potentially harmful chemicals and asks manufacturers to answer two questions: 1) Is this chemical necessary? 2) Is there a safer alternative?
Candidate Chemicals

Candidate Chemicals

Priority Products

Priority Products


Based on existing authoritative lists, DTSC’s SCP program established a list of Candidate Chemicals that exhibit at least one hazard trait that can harm people or the environment


Priority Products are consumer products that contain one or more Candidate Chemicals. DTSC started the SCP program by focusing on three of these product-chemical combinations

Alternatives Analysis

Alternatives Analysis

Regulatory Response

Regulatory Response


In the Alternative Analysis process, manufacturers must compare the Chemical of Concern in a Priority Product with potential alternatives to determine if there is a safer way to make the product


Depending on the outcome of the Alternative Analysis process for each Priority Product, DTSC may require a Regulatory Response to protect public health and/or the environment

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