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UPDATED California Toxic Release Inventory Program (CalTRIP) CalTRIP provides information on California’s implementation of the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (U.S. EPA) Toxic Release Inventory (TRI). CalTRIP now gets data directly from U.S. EPA via the National Environmental Information Exchange Network (NEIEN) Central Data Exchange (CDX).

EnviroStor Database allows people to quickly access vital information about environmental cleanups and permitted facilities in their communities.

Biennial Hazardous Waste Report (BR) - The USEPA, in partnership with the State of California, collects information regarding the generation, management, and final disposition of hazardous wastes regulated under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA).  The purpose of the National Biennial Report is to communicate the findings of EPA's hazardous waste reporting data collection efforts to the public, government agencies, and the regulated community.  The National Biennial Report consists of the National Analysis, State Detail Analysis, and the List of Reported RCRA Sites.

DTSC's Biennial Report Page

Hazardous Waste Tracking System Database (HWTS) provides information on hazardous waste shipments for generators, transporters, treatment, storage, and disposal facilities.

Registered Hazardous Waste Transporter Database lists all currently active hazardous waste transporters.

List of Project Documents indexed by project name.

NEW! Temporary EPA-ID Issuance System: Allows a business or person to obtain a temporary (90-day) State EPA-ID number online for shipping hazardous waste to a recycler or disposal facility.


Online Reporting

NEW! Electronic Verification Questionnaire (eVQ): Allows users to register for the eVQ and then complete the annual EPA ID Number Verification Questionnaire and manifest fee assessment online.

SB 14 Progress Reporting: Hazardous waste generators who are subject to SB 14 are required to submit a Summary Progress Report (SPR) every four years. Generators may submit their SPR information online.

Reporting and Notifications for Universal Waste Electronic Devices (UWED): Facilities that handle, treat, and/or recycle electronic devices classified as hazardous waste are required to notify DTSC prior to accepting them from off site, and must submit an annual report summarizing their activities. Handlers of electronic waste may submit their notifications and annual reports online.


Other DTSC Data

Mercury Elimination Leadership Program (HELP) recognizes California Hospitals eliminating mercury, or built mercury free, with a ceremony and presentation of a Banner and Certificate of Appreciation.

Brownfields Loan Program list shows status of two types of loans:
1. - Cleanup loans and Environmental Assistance to Neighborhoods Loan Program and
2. - Investigation Site Contamination Program Loans.

Vehicle Service and Repair Shop (VSR) equipment and supplies directory. Allows shops to search for pollution prevention products and service information.

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