Green Technology and Green Remediation

The Green Technology Branch evaluates technologies that treat, recycle, clean up, eliminate, or reduce hazardous waste. The Green Technology Branch uses research and demonstration projects, data analysis, and performance evaluation to provide objective information on innovative environmental technologies. It also provides marketing and business outreach support to technologies with promise for providing environmental benefits.

Green Technology / Green Remediation Projects

Green Remediation

Green Remediation is the use of "green" technologies to restore environmentally contaminated sites.

Projects and Reports

Perchlorate Contamination Treatment Alternatives

The Perchlorate Contamination Treatment Alternatives Report describes treatment alternatives for perchlorate contamination that have been implemented full-scale, have been demonstrated or are being researched. The report is updated as new information becomes available.

Sustainable Bioplastics Project

Plastic is accumulating in the ocean at an alarming rate. DTSC's Sustainable Bioplastics Project is helping solve the ocean debris problem by researching alternatives to traditional plastics that will degrade in the ocean.

Green Chemistry Resources

Green chemistry is the design of chemical products and processes that reduce or eliminate the use and generation of hazardous substances. Learn more about green chemistry.