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Documents posted since 11/15/2014.

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Document Title Posting Date
Aviso Comunitario: El DTSC Aprueba el Plan de Limpieza de Propiedades Residenciales La Orden de Cumplimiento Exige a Exide Technologies a Pagar la Limpieza 11/19/2014

Beckman Coulter Inc. – Community Update: Draft Corrective Measures Study 11/19/2014

Beckman Coulter Inc. – Public Notice: Proposed Cleanup Plan 11/19/2014

Community Update: DTSC Approves Plan to Clean up Residential Properties Enforcement Order Directs Exide Technologies to Fund Clean Up 11/19/2014

Interim Status Modification and Temporary Authorization Request Centrifuge No 1 and West Yard Truck Wash 11/21/2014

Interim Status Modification and Temporary Authorization Request Reverb Furnace Feed Room Floor and Truck Wash Sump 11/21/2014

Interim Status Modification Surge Tank - Centrifuge No 2 amd Ancillary Sumps 11/21/2014

Judge Approves DTSC Enforcement Order Against Exide Technologies 11/21/2014

Map: Northern Assessment Area 11/19/2014

Map: Southern Assessment Area 11/19/2014

Memorandum of Points and Authorities in Support of Motion to Modify Preliminary Injunction Electro-Forming 11/17/2014

News Release: Richmond Metal Plating Company Shut Down by Court Order 11/17/2014

Notice of Motion and Motion to Modify Preliminary Injunction Electro-Forming 11/17/2014

October 2014 Green Ribbon Science Panel Transcripts 11/20/2014

Order RE Plaintiffs Motion to Modify Preliminary Injuction Electro-Forming 11/17/2014

Redline version of the revised strawman language for the draft informal brake pad regulations 11/18/2014

Residential Cleanup Plan FAQ's 11/19/2014

Response to Comments - Draft Interim Measures Work Plan and Draft Negative Declaration, 11/19/2014

Retail Waste Working Group Agenda List 11/18/2014

Riverside Agricultural Park – Community Update: Cleanup Completed 11/25/2014

Sims Group USA to Pay Nearly $2.4 Million for Unlawful Release and Disposal of Hazardous Waste 11/24/2014

Statement Concerning DTSC’s Involvement in the $23.8 Million Settlement with AT&T Announced by Attorney General Kamala D. Harris 11/21/2014

Stipulation for Entry of Final Judgement and Order, Sims Group USA 11/24/2014

Temporary Authorization Request Containerization Plan Implementation 11/21/2014