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Documents posted since 8/18/2014.

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Document Title Posting Date
All County Environmental & Restoration - Consent Order 2014 08/25/2014

Antigua granja de tanques Athens – Aviso para la comunidad: Aviso de session abierta de al comunidad 08/27/2014

Antigua Instalacion Univar USA – Aviso de Trabajo: Cambios en El Equipo para Mejorar El Desempeno 08/27/2014

Beale AFB - Public Notice: Emergency Permit Effective August 18, 2014 - November 18, 2014 08/18/2014

Exide: Letter to Adjacent Homes 08/20/2014

Exide:  Letter to Adjacent Homes (Spanish) 08/20/2014

Exide:  Soil Removal Letter 08/20/2014

Exide:  Soil Removal Letter (Spanish) 08/20/2014

Former Athens Tank Farm – Community Notice: Community Open House Announcement 08/27/2014

Former Univar USA Facility – Work Notice: Changes to Soil and Groundwater Cleanup System 08/27/2014

Human Health Risk Assessment (HHRA) Note 5 08/21/2014

Letter to Honorable Robert O. Huber, Mayor of Simi Valley, August 15, 2014 08/18/2014

News Release: Plating Shop Operators Plead to Felony and Misdemeanor Charges 08/20/2014

Pacific Palisades Village – Community Notice: Draft Response Plan 08/28/2014

Pacific Palisades Village – Public Notice: Proposed Cleanup Plan 08/28/2014

Public Meeting Agenda Sept. 10, 2014 08/28/2014

Southwest Metal Company – Community Notice: draft Removal Action Workplan 08/28/2014

Southwest Metal Company – Public Notice: Cleanup Proposal 08/28/2014

Success Story:  Biomonitoring California Program Receives Funding from U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 08/19/2014

Synergy Enterprises - Final Judgment Pursuant to Stipulation 2014 08/19/2014