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The Green Station program has ended, but businesses looking to protect the environment and save money can find tips to run a greener business below.

Your interest in the California Green Station Program is greatly appreciated and you’re encouraged to continue working to promote a healthy community and safe environment.

There are additional programs that are available to assist you in your efforts. Please contact:

Pollution Prevention Information

Vehicle Service Repair and Auto Body Paint shops can use the following pollution prevention practices in their daily operations to save money, reduce worker exposure to hazardous chemicals and significantly reduce environmental impacts:

  • Water based cleaners
  • Dry cleanup of fluid spills
  • Programs for recycling fluids and filters
  • Less toxic paints and coatings
  • Paint waste management process

Get information specific to your shop below.

Vehicle Service and Repair (VSR)Auto Body & Paint (ABP)

Practicing pollution prevention methods in your shop can make a difference!

Electricity rates went up 12% but by following the Green Station checklist our bill has stayed the same.

Waste hauling savings

Who can I contact for more information?

If you have questions, please contact the DTSC Regulatory Assistance Officer at 1-800-728-6942 or