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This page contains fact sheets and presentations about typical hazardous wastes you may generate, and training modules on how to use P2 alternatives to reduce waste and pollution.

Presentations and Fact Sheets

Note: Powerpoint (.ppt) files will download in archive format. Expand the file, then run the .exe

Topic Presentation
Fact Sheet (English)
Introduction .PDF        .PPT  
Antifreeze Recycling .PDF        .PPT .PDF
Aqueous Brake Washing .PDF        .PPT .PDF
Aqueous Parts Cleaning                .PPT .PDF
Case Studies in Aqueous Parts Cleaning .PDF        .PPT .PDF
Spill Prevention & Floor Cleanup .PDF        .PPT  
Oil Life Extension/Re-refined Oil for Fleet Management .PDF        .PPT .PDF
Oil Water Separators .PDF        .PPT .PDF
Reusable Oil Filters for Fleet Management .PDF        .PPT .PDF

Training Videos

Videos are under 15 minutes, and are perfect for showing at your regularly scheduled safety meetings. Technicians will learn pollution prevention methods, how to reduce operating costs and increase environmental compliance. You can also download the accompanying workbook.

Videos (English)
Part 1 - Aqueous Parts Cleaners Download
Part 2 - Aqueous Brake Washers Download
Part 3 - Refillable Spray Bottles Download
Part 4 - Spill Prevention & Floor Cleanup Download
Part 5 - Oil & Antifreeze Download
Part 6 - Oil Analysis & Oil Filtration Download

Additional Online Resources

Who can I contact for more information?

If you have questions, please contact the DTSC Regulatory Assistance Officer at 1-800-728-6942 or