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A Guide to Bioassay Related American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Standards

This guide is the first prototype of a project aimed at creating a comprehensive and easy to use index of all the standard bioassays currently being used in the scientific community. As ASTM standards* have long been recognized as the cornerstone of sound and repeatable testing, it seemed a wise choice to use ASTM standards as the foundation of the initial Bioassay Project. However the inclusion of any standard in the guide is in no way an endorsement of the standard. Perhaps future versions of the guide will include a recommendations component, but for now the intention is merely to present the bioassays that are available.

This guide was compiled and programmed by Aaron Kelly Stephens a Scientific Aid under the guidance of Buzz Chernoff a Staff Toxicologist, both staff members of the California Department of Fish and Game's Office of Spill Prevention and Response. This guide is in no way sponsored by ASTM, though descriptions of most of the standards were taken directly from the ASTM web site. This guide is intended to be ever changing and user friendly, thus comments, questions and suggestions are highly encouraged and welcomed. You can phone Buzz Chernoff at 916-323-3427 or e-mail him at gchernoff@dtsc.ca.gov.

* The word "standard" is used instead of "protocol," because ASTM refers to each of its publications as a "standard." So for the purposes of this guide the two words are synonymous.

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