DTSC News Feed May 2013

DTSC News Feed is a weekly email that pulls together short updates and internet links to keep you informed about the latest accomplishments and news highlights at the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC).


May 30, 2013

  • DTSC forms a cost-recovery team, refines policies and takes other steps to collect money from polluters.
  • Emergency response from DTSC was required when a Fontana business was closed and the potential for a toxic mess was exposed.
  • DTSC worked hard to help the Yuba River Charter School secure an EPA grant for a new campus near Grass Valley.
  • DTSC investigators helped in this FBI case  involving Walmart.  Assistant U.S. Attorney Joseph O. Johns, the prosecutor who obtained the $81 million plea agreement with Walmart, noted that the “federal investigation was referred to the FBI and USEPA-CID, and partially spearheaded by two outstanding DTSC scientists/inspectors Paul Baranic and Rick Jones.  Their hard work, dedication, and regulatory expertise were crucial contributions toward the success of this prosecution and the State of California civil settlement as well.”



May 23, 2013


May 16, 2013

  • A DTSC division chief provided perspective in a KCRA Sacramento TV storyabout an electrical contractor storing potentially hazardous waste in its yard.
  • DTSC responds to complaints of environmental hazards reported on an innovative website called IVAN that uses crowdsourcing to collect reports of illegal dumping, contaminated water and other incidents. Read about it in the Palm Springs Desert Sun.
  • DTSC Director Debbie Raphael is in Japan, sharing the message of California’s groundbreaking Safer Consumer Products regulation.
  • Some of the best scientists in the state work for DTSC – and shared their knowledge with elementary school students at State Scientist Day. Check out the photo gallery.
  • Blu Homes is building  green houses on Mare Island in a former submarine hangar cleaned up by DTSC. Check out the video.



May 9, 2013

  • A developer is ready to break ground on 72 acres of a former Sacramento railroad maintenance yard that DTSC helped clean up, and where a bunch of residential lots are for sale. That’s a significant investment in the state’s Capital. It could be a wonderful life on Bedford Falls Way.
  • DTSC directed the cleanup of a former landfill in the Bay area that will soon produce solar power. The Tri Valley Times has this story of previously unusable land becoming productive.
  • DTSC employees administered 17 Certificates of Appreciation to Los Angeles Unified School District board members and other community leaders in recognition of their efforts to protect health and environment through their support of an Integrated Pest Management program. Read about it here.
  • Nine-year-old Tanisq Abraham is the youngest person to take courses at American River College in Sacramento, where he has completed 30 units with a 4.0 GPA. DTSC senior engineering geologist Stephen Sterling is one of his instructors. Abraham made an Earth Day presentation to state employees on technologies to prevent climate change. Read more about the child prodigy.
  • Take a look inside the DTSC’s Environmental Chemistry Lab (ECL) in Berkeley as school children take a tour.


May 2, 2013

  • DTSC is at the epicenter when it comes to professional soccer in San Jose.
  • We have the latest on the Exide suspension in Southern California.
  • Video: DTSC clears the way for new homes, new lives, and new beginnings in San Jose.
  • DTSC is honored for its hiring practices and personnel allocation.

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