Independent Review Panel


Senate Bill 83 (Chapter 24, Statutes of 2015) added section 57014 to the Health and Safety Code (HSC), which established an Independent Review Panel (IRP) within the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) to review and make recommendations regarding improvements to the department's permitting, enforcement, public outreach, and fiscal management.

The IRP is comprised of three individuals: an appointee of the Speaker of the Assembly with scientific experience related to toxic materials, an appointee of the Senate Rules Committee who is a community representative, and an appointee of the Governor who is a local government management expert. Information on the three IRP members can be found on the Members page of this website.

HSC 57014 also tasks the IRP with advising the department on issues related to its reporting obligations, making recommendations for improving the department's programs, and advising the department on compliance with HSC section 57007.

The IRP is required to report to the Governor and the Legislature every 90 days on DTSC's progress in reducing permitting and enforcement backlogs, improving public outreach, and improving fiscal management. In addition, the IRP must submit recommendations at the time of the submission of the Governor's annual budget to the Legislature. All submitted IRP reports are posted on the IRP Reports page of this website.

The IRP has been holding at least one public meeting per month since November of 2015. Materials pertaining to past and upcoming meetings can be accessed on the Meetings page of this website. Webcasts of many past IRP meetings can be viewed on the Meeting Webcasts page. To receive notice of future meetings and other IRP news, click on DTSC's EList Options page and subscribe to the IRP email list.

As stipulated by HSC section 57014, the IRP is authorized to exist until January 1, 2018.

Direct questions or comments to:

Larry Rohlfes
IRP Program Analyst
(916) 327-4493    


Mike Singh
IRP Office Technician
(916) 324-1819