DTSC Online Reference Library (Beta)

DTSC Online Reference Library (DORY)

The Department of Toxic Substances Control is providing access to documents that have been written in response to questions regarding hazardous waste identification, classification, and recycling.

The reader is cautioned that each document was written in response to a specific situation. Subtle differences in the facts may result in a different interpretation. In addition, the reader is cautioned that when statutes or regulations change, past interpretations may no longer be valid.

You may search by Score (Popularity), by Title, or Date Modified. There are other options in the dropdown menu, but they do not function in this search. You may also display your results in groups of 10, 20, 50, 100, or All on a single page. And you may display your search with titles of the documents, or include a summary for more detail. To see more detail, click on "View Summary." To view the document, click on the title of the document and it will open a separate browser tab.


Search Tips:


1. Think simpler. For example, if you are looking for letters on pharmaceuticals, try pharmaceutical instead. Removing plurality often yields results.
2. Consider similar terms, such as drug, medication, or medicine.
3. Try single words, rather than multiple words at the same time. This may improve the number of documents that are found. Multiple words works best with the full text search, not with the keyword search.
4. If you want an exact match, enclose multiple words in quotations.
5. If searching for a legal citation containing special characters, such as 261.4(b), enclose it in quotes: "261.4(b)".

NOTE: We are aware that the search feature is not just showing the letters, but is providing results from the entire DTSC site. We are working to resolve this issue ASAP.




To Search By Keyword
We have identified terms for each letter, and added those to a searchable field. These are individual words and legal citations, such as oil or filter, not oil filter. You can search using a comma between terms, i.e. oil, filter. If you use "oil filter", the result will generally be no records found. For legal citations, such as 261.4(b), enclose it in quotes: "261.4(b)".



To Search By Full Text Search
Full text searching works for letters that have had optical character recognition (OCR) performed on them. Many letters are OCR capable, however older letters may not have had this performed and may only be found by using the keyword search. We are in the process of identifying these documents, and will be performing OCR on these documents in the future. Full text searching may take more time.

If you are searching for an exact match, enclose your search words in quotes: Searching "oil filter" will only yield documents with both words in order, whereas oil filter will yield articles with oil or filter, not necessarily both.