Hazardous Waste ID Number FAQs

General Information

What are the Forms Needed for a Hazardous Waste ID, and Where can I Find the Forms?

  • DTSC Form 1358 is used for applying for, updating, inactivating, or reactivating a State Hazardous Waste ID number (non-federal number), for facilities that do not generate or manage more than 100 kg of RCRA hazardous waste (Or 1 kg of acute RCRA hazardous waste) per calendar month.

  • MyRCRAid is the electronic version of the federal form to obtain or update a permanent EPA ID number. Optionally, you may still use the paper form, EPA Form 8700-12. The form includes extensive instructions. Please review the material before printing the entire document.

To obtain the forms, click on the form number, or click on "Forms" in Related Links on the left-hand side of this page.

How Long Does it Take to get an ID Number?

Processing times for both EPA ID and State ID numbers may take up to 15 WORKING days from the date we verify your application is complete. Incomplete applications may delay the issuance of an ID number.

How Much Does it Cost for an ID Number?

There is no fee to obtain an ID number.

Can I Search for an ID Number?

Yes, you can. There are two places you can search for ID numbers:

  • In DTSC's Hazardous Waste Tracking System (HWTS), you can look up facility and manifest information by searching by ID number, address or business name. Select "Look up a HW ID" in Related Links (in the left menu).
  • The US EPA also has a search tool for EPA ID numbers only. Their site provides more extensive information. Again, this is only for federal EPA ID numbers.

How Do I Change the Information for my Existing ID Number?

If you move your business, have a change in ownership for State ID numbers, or change your business mailing address, you must notify DTSC of these changes immediately.

How Do I Inactivate My EPA ID Number?

To inactivate/cancel a Federal EPA ID number, you only need to send in a "Letter of Inactivation". The letter should contain the EPA ID number to be inactivated, the location address to which it is registered, a date, an original "wet signature", and a current contact address and phone number. There is no application form to complete.

Please send your inactivation letter to the following address:

California Department of Toxic Substances Control
Attn: RCRA Notifications
P.O. Box 806
Sacramento, CA 95812-0806

I Have an ID Number Already. How Do I Know What Category of ID Number I Have?

The first two or three characters in your ID number determine the type of ID number you have:

  • Federal EPA ID number: CAR, CA, CAD, CAT, CAP
  • State ID number: CAL, CAC, CAD, CAH, CAI, CAE, CAF, CAS, CLU, CAX, CA99

For a more detailed discussion of these prefixes and their meaning, please refer to our fact sheet, EPA Identification Numbers for Generators.

Annual Verification Questionnaire (VQ) and Manifest Fees Assessment

What is the Annual Verification Questionnaire and Manifest Fees Assessment?

Generators, transporters, and facilities who are authorized to store, transport, treat, and dispose of hazardous waste are required to verify their identification (ID) number information per Health & Safety Code section 25205.16(b). Any generator, transporter, or facility operator who fails to complete the electronic Verification Questionnaire (eVQ) is subject to suspension of any and all ID numbers and to any other enforcement actions (Health & Safety Code section 25205.16(c)).

The purpose of this verification is to ensure that the information on record for your ID number is correct and current. The eVQ offers a fast and convenient process for verifying ID number information and calculating ID verification and hazardous waste manifest fees.

Annually in June or July, the Department of Toxic Substances Control will send an email notification to ID number holders who have active status or who have had their ID number used on a manifest during the prior calendar year.  If you do not have an eVQ account, please visit the eVQ home page to request a new eVQ account.

Click on "Annual Verification" in Related Links for more information.

What is the Generator Fee Account and Do I Need One?

If you generate 5 or more tons of hazardous waste in a calendar year regardless of the final disposition of the hazardous waste on an type of ID number (State permanent or temporary; or US EPA permanent or provisional.), you MUST contact the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA) to obtain a generator fee account number. Please contact the CDTFA if you have any questions regarding the requirements of registering, or by call them at (916) 323-9555.

Temporary Collection Events

What Kind of Permit and ID Numbers are Needed for Holding Temporary Collection Events at Parking Lots - Specific CAH#’s Needed?

The government entity (not their contractor) holding the event must apply for a temporary CAH ID number no less than 45 days prior to the event. DTSC issues CAH ID numbers either by phone or email.

  • If calling from within the U.S., the toll free telephone number is (800) 618-6942.

Additional information on Hazardous Waste ID Numbers can be found at https://dtsc.ca.gov/iDManifest/.

Under the Permit-by-Rule (PBR) standards, a temporary HHW collection facility is required to notify the CUPA and DTSC (DTSC Form 8464) at least 45 days before the day of the planned event. In addition to the facility CAH identification number requirement, the operator or public agency must also comply with all applicable requirements of section 67450.4 of title 22 of the California Code of Regulations.

What's the Lead Time to get a CAH Number? Do You Need an ID Number for Each Site where the Events are to be Held?

DTSC issues the CAH ID number within 3 business days from receipt of the request. If the application is by phone and all the required information is available, the CAH ID number is issued on the phone. Yes, each site location is required to have an ID number.