Temporary Hazardous Waste ID Numbers


Temporary ID numbers are issued to people or businesses who do not normally handle hazardous waste. These ID numbers are valid for 90 days. There are two categories of temporary ID numbers. These are provisional EPA ID numbers, and temporary State ID numbers. If you need a permanent ID number, please click here.

I handle:

Greater than 100 kg of RCRA hazardous waste and/or one kg of acutely hazardous waste per calendar month

All Others




DTSC issues temporary EPA ID numbers, that are called provisional numbers. To obtain a provisional EPA ID number, you must fill out a US EPA Form 8700-12. The form includes instructions on each section of the form. Original signatures (also called "wet" signatures) are required on the Form 8700-12. Photocopies are not accepted. Please mail the Form 8700-12 to:

California Department of Toxic Substances Control
Attn: RCRA Notifications
P.O. Box 806
Sacramento, CA 95812-0806


DTSC issues temporary State ID numbers to handlers. Temporary State ID numbers are issued to a person or business that does not routinely generate hazardous waste. Examples of non-routine (not ongoing) activities include asbestos abatement, removing underground tanks, and removing hazardous waste that was abandoned in a leased building. In other words, temporary State ID numbers are generally used for one time or short duration events. Some examples of persons or businesses needing a temporary State ID number are:

  • Households performing certain remodeling activities
  • Businesses with a one-time pick up of hazardous waste
  • Demolition of a building

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