Laws, Regulations and Policies - Policies

  • Managing Hazardous Waste
    Policies about permitting and compliance, and policies affecting those who generate, transport, store, treat and dispose of hazardous waste.
  • Public Participation Program
    Policy and Procedures Manual guiding DTSC's public involvement program.
  • Site Cleanup
    Policies about school sites, brownfields, military facilities, emergency response and clandestine drug lab cleanup.
  • Office of Civil Rights (OCR)
    OCR demonstrates DTSC's commitment to fairness, equity, and the principles of environmental justice through implementation of an effective Title VI and California Civil Rights program.
  • Civil Rights and Language Access
    DTSC worked with a variety of stakeholders to develop the DTSC Civil Rights and Language Access policies. In addition, DTSC created a Civil Rights and Language Access Implementation Plan to show how the policies would be implemented in the Department.
  • Tips on Navigating California Laws and Regulations on Other Agencies' Web Sites
    A guide to help first-time users to find California statutes and regulations available on the internet.