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Final Regulations: Electronic Hazardous Wastes (formerly Cathode Ray Tubes)

DTSC Reference Number: R-01-06
OAL Reference Number: 02-1224-02C

OAL Approval Date: 02/03/03
Secretary of State Filing Date: 02/03/03
Effective Date: 02/03/03

This rulemaking was approved by the Office of Administrative Law on February 1, 2003. It was filed with the Secretary of State and became effective February 3, 2003. Anyone who submitted comments regarding this rulemaking has the right to request a copy of the Final Statement of Reasons by leaving message at (916) 324-9933. However, you can also download it by clicking on the link below.

Regulatory Background
Final Statement of Reasons - January 2003
15-Day Public Notice - October 2002
45-Day Public Notice - August 2002

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