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Final Regulations

Final Regulations Effective
Change Without
Regulatory Effect?
Acute Oral Toxicity Criteria 06/03/04 x

Addition of Portable DVD Players to Appendix X 12/29/06  

Air Emission Standards 12/21/04 x

Alternative Management Standards for Treated Wood Waste 07/01/07  

Alternative Management Standards for Treated Wood Waste [§ 67386.6(a)(2)(B)3]  11/02/07  

Amend Ignitability Characteristics for Hazardous Waste Identification 02/21/12 x

Amend Land Disposal Restriction Treatment Standards for Carbamate Wastes 07/12/12 x

Architectural & Engineering Services 12/23/02  

Assessment of Administrative Penalties 08/27/01  

Biennial Tiered Permitting Release Report Repeal 07/13/04 x

Brownfields CLEAN and ISCP Programs 08/05/02  

Chapter 12 Appendix Amendment 04/21/05 x

Conflict of Interest Code 04/25/04  

Conflict of Interest Code 06/10/03 x

Conflict of Interest Code 06/16/05 x

Conflict of Interest Code Designations 03/02/06  

Conformity with Federal Manifesting Regulations 08/24/06 x

Consolidated Universal Waste Regulations and Authorized Treatment of Electronic Hazardous Waste 02/04/09  

Consolidated Universal Waste Regulations and Authorized Treatment of Electronic Hazardous Waste Update 07/13/09 x

Corrective Action Management Unit (CAMU) Rule 07/19/04 x

CRT and CRT Glass Disposition Options 10/22/18  

Definition of Disclosure Statement 03/22/04 x

Disaster Victims Hazardous Waste Fee Exemption 10/06/12  

Electronic Hazardous Wastes (formerly Cathode Ray Tubes) 02/03/03  

Environmental Fee 12/07/07  

Federal Post-Closure Rule State Regulations, Addition of Enforceable Documents & Flexibility for Postclosure Requirements 01/01/19  

Financial Responsibility Requirements 03/20/06 x

Financial Responsibility Requirements, Subpart H 12/19/05 x

Groundwater Remediation Loan Program 04/08/02  

Hazardous Materials: Motor Vehicle Brake Friction Materials 01/01/17  

Hazardous Waste Facility Permitting Criteria 01/01/19  

Hazardous Waste Source Reduction Requirements 10/16/13 x

Hazardous Wastes of Concern [Senate Bill 489 (2002)] 07/10/03  

Hazardous Wastes of Concern: Reporting by Generators 01/26/06  

Import/Export Rule Revisions (Revision Checklist 236) 81 FR 85696-85729, 82 FR 41015-41016 08/20/18 x

Lab Pack Management at Schools Hazardous Waste Collection, Consolidation & Accumulation Facilities (SHWCCAFs) Under Permit by Rule 09/23/03  

Land Disposal Restrictions 02/26/04 x

Land Disposal Restrictions Update 07/23/10 x

Land Use Covenants 04/19/03  

Land Use Covenants Amendments 11/17/07  

List Paint or Varnish Strippers Containing Methylene Chloride as a Priority Product 01/01/19  

Mandatory Munitions Rule Adoptions 04/13/07 x

Mercury Thermostat Collection and Performance Requirements 07/01/13  

Mercury Waste Classification and Management 03/15/03  

Non-Substantive Correction to Import/Export Rule Revision 01/01/19 x

Perchlorate Best Management Practices 12/30/05  

Permit by Rule for Treatment of Aqueous Wastes Containing Cyanides 08/06/08  

Permit Modification Applicability 05/04/02  

Permit-by-Rule Notification for Permanent Household Hazardous Waste Facilities Update (Form DTSC 1094B) 01/06/09 x

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (Proposed New and Expanding School Sites) 07/18/07  

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (Schools) 02/10/03 x

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (Schools) 02/10/03  

Private Site Management Performance Standards 04/25/03  

Proposal to List Children’s Foam-Padded Sleeping Products Containing TDCPP or TCEP as a Priority Product 07/01/17  

Proposed Amendment to Regulations for the Cleanup Loans 07/20/09 x

RCRA-Listed Hazardous Waste Container Residues 09/05/13 x

Recyclable Hazardous Waste 06/12/03  

Registered Environmental Assessor I/II Program 07/27/06 x

Regulatory Text Revisions Based On Statutory Changes 07/12/12 x

Removal of K-Code Wastes in Land Disposal Restrictions 06/12/12 x

Removal of Saccharin and Its Salts from the Lists of Hazardous Constituents and Wastes 02/08/12 x

Restrictions on the Use of Heavy Metals in Covered Electronic Devices 12/29/06  

Safer Consumer Product Regulations 10/01/13  

Safer Consumer Products Candidate Chemicals List Amendment 04/01/16  

Schools Hazardous Waste Collection, Consolidation, and Accumulation Facility (SHWCCAF) Permit by Rule (PBR) Authorization 01/30/02  

Secondary Containment 10/08/06  

Spray Polyurethane Foam Systems with Unreacted Methylene Diphenyl Diisocyanates added to Priority Products List 07/01/18  

Standardized Permit Application Procedures 10/06/07  

Standardized Permit Facilities 04/04/02 x

Temporary Household Hazardous Waste Facility Collection Permit By Rule Liability Assurance Repeal 07/14/04 x

Title 22 07/01/04 x

Title 22 Typos 06/07/04 x

Toxicity Criteria for Human Health Risk Assessment 09/04/18  

Transportable Treatment Unit Standardized Permit 06/13/01  

U.S. EPA Information Update 11/21/11 x

Unified Program Single Fee System for State Agencies 07/13/06  

Universal Waste & Generator Status (SB 612) 12/28/16 x

Universal Waste Rule 02/08/02  

UPA Corrective Action Qualifications Regulations 08/19/06  

Update Regulations Per Statutory Changes in SB 1018 01/07/13 x

Water Quality Monitoring Requirements For Hazardous Waste Land Disposal Units 05/12/11  

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