Chemical Information Call-in: Staff Contacts

The mailing address for the Chemical Information Call-in Program staff is:

California Department of Toxics Substances Control

Attn:  Chemical Information Call-in Program

Office of Pollution Prevention and Green Technology

P.O. Box 806

Sacramento, California  95812-0806


The telephone numbers and email addresses for the Chemical Information Call-in Program staff are:

Team Leader:                      William P. Ryan, Jr., P. E.

Carbon Nanotubes             (916) 322-5919



                                                Donald Owen, Jr., P. E.

                                                (916) 445-2930



Quantum Dots:                    Thomas Booze, Ph.D.

                                                (916) 255-6628



Nano Silver:                          Neena Sahasrabudhe, Ph.D.

                                                (916) 324-8660



Nano Zero Valent Iron:       Min Wu, Ph.D.

                                                (916) 322-3816



Nano Cerium Oxide:            Hai-Yong Kang, Ph.D.

Nano Zinc Oxide                   (916) 324-2958

Nano Titanium Dioxide


Industrial Hygiene:          Frank Parr, CIH, CSP

Workplace Safety            (818) 717-6592



Legal Counsel:                Robert Sullivan

                                     (919) 323-8127