Chemical Information Call-in Overview

California law authorizes the Department of Toxic Substances Control to request information regarding analytical test methods, fate and transport in the environment, and other relevant information about specified chemicals. The law applies to individuals and companies who produce a chemical in California and to those who import a chemical into the state for sale in California. Manufacturers and importers are responsible for developing and submitting the requested information, which may include but is not limited to:

  1. Analytical test method(s) for the chemical, its metabolites, and degradation products in specified matrices;
  2. The octanol-water partition coefficient and human bioconcentration factor for the chemical; and
  3. Other relevant information on the fate and transport of the chemical in the environment.

The law includes provisions regarding trade secrets.  The Department has conducted two chemical information call-ins.  In 2010, Round One sought information on carbon nanotubes.  In 2011, Round Two sought information on quantum dots, nano silver, nano zero valent iron, nano cerium oxide, nano titanium dioxide, and nano zinc oxide.  Please visit Round One and Round Two for the responses from manufacturers and importers of these chemical substances.