Pollution Prevention in Metal Finishing Shops

How can Metal Finishers reduce waste, become more efficient, and move toward sustainability?

Most metal plating, anodizing, and printed circuit board shops generate hazardous waste. Some of those wastes are dangerous and harmful to the environment if not handled properly. DTSC has compiled ways to reduce waste, and potentially reduce waste management costs. Business owners may also reduce toxic emissions from their operations.

Why Pollution Prevention?

The advantages are many. Free pollution prevention guidance is available here. Metal finishing shops will learn smart techniques to:

  • reduce waste and emissions;
  • improve worker health and safety;
  • increase production rates;
  • save on operating costs; and
  • protect human health and the environment now and in the future.

Companies that practice pollution prevention show their commitment to keeping their work place safe and their community healthy. They gain a competitive edge over other businesses that provide similar products and services.

How to get started

Do you need assistance?

If you have questions about pollution prevention in metal finishing shops, please contact a DTSC staff person, familiar with the industry: