Round Two: Quantum Dots and Nano Metals/Metal Oxides

Chemical Information Call-in: Round Two

Quantum Dots, Nano Metals, and Nano Metal Oxides

For the second call-in, DTSC requested information about six chemical substances: quantum dots, nano silver, nano zero valent iron, nano cerium oxide, nano titanium dioxide, and nano zinc oxide. DTSC searched scientific literature and publicly available data sources, hosted a public workshop, and met with various manufacturers, importers, researchers, and others as part of the call-in process for obtaining information about these chemical substances. 

DTSC sent formal request letters on December 21, 2010, and January 4, 2011, to 45 entities which were identified as producers or importers of one or more of the six chemical substances in or to California. These letters required manufacturers and importers to submit their responses within one year. DTSC sent a follow-up letters to remind companies that had not yet responded. The Round Two responses for quantum dots, nano metals, and nano metal oxides were:

(in alphabetical order)


AMEC Geomatrix, Inc.

October 27, 2011

APS Laboratory

December 21, 2011

BASF Corporation

November 29, 2011


December 23, 2011

Cambrios Technologies Corp.

December 20, 2011


December 27, 2011

Chemat Technology, Inc.

No response.

Croda, Inc.

January 24, 2012

California State University (System-wide)

December 19, 2011

California Institute of Technology

December 23, 2011

G24 Innovation

USPS undeliverable—business closed.

Green Millennium

No response.

Hepure Technologies

No response.


No response.

Intelligent Optical Systems, Inc.

No response.

Intrinsiq Materials, Inc.

No response.

InVisage Technologies

December 21, 2011

Ishihara Corporation (USA)

November 21, 2011

Kovio, Inc.

No response.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

November 23, 2011

Life Technologies, Inc.

December 17, 2011

Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.

No response.

MTI Corporation

No response.


No response.


Not applicable.  November 9, 2011


December 3, 2011


USPS undeliverable.

Philips Lumileds Lighting Company

No response.


Not applicable.  November 21, 2011

PRIMA Environmental, Inc.

No response,

QDSoleil, Inc.

See Nanosys.

Quantum Sphere, Inc.

No response.

Sandia California National Laboratory

Not applicable.  December 14, 2011

Samsung Semiconductor

Not applicable. November 11, 2011

Seashell Technology

No response.


Not applicable.  January 21, 2011

Shrink Technologies

December 28, 2010

Solyndra, Inc.

No response.

Stanford Materials Corporation

No response.

Stanford University

December 16, 2011

Stion Corporation

Not applicable.  November 7, 2011

Sun Innovations (Sun Nano)

No response.

Toshiba America Electronics

No response.

University of California (System-wide)

January 6, 2012

University of Southern California

November 16, 2011