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DTSC Press Releases 2005

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First Agreement Signed Under California’s New ‘Brownfields’ Cleanup Act 12/28/2005  

$27,500 Settlement Reached with Havens and Sons Trucking 12/22/2005  

Orange County Polluter Sentenced to 16 Months in State Prison 12/20/2005  

State Certifies Port of Oakland's EZBH Site 12/19/2005  

State Certifies Former Handcraft Tile Site in Milpitas 12/16/2005  

$6,500 Settlement Reached with Dillard Trucking, Inc. 12/09/2005  

$200,000 Settlement Reached with Ultima Circuits 12/08/2005  

Department Issues $14,100 Enforcement Order to GATX Rail 12/07/2005  

$13,500 Settlement Reached with DeMenno-Kerdoon 12/07/2005  

Department of Toxic Substances Control Announces Brownfields Revolving Loan Fund Grant Proposal 12/06/2005  

Fresno VA Hospital to receive HELP award for mercury reduction 12/05/2005  

DTSC Certifies Cleanup of the Fieldstone Property near Huntington Beach 12/05/2005  

$11,000 Settlement Reached with Olson-Parikh Advanced Solutions, Inc. 11/18/2005  

$31,000 Settlement Reached with ARC International Corporation 11/07/2005  

DTSC Receives U.S. EPA Brownfields Assessment Grant 11/04/2005  

Department Announces BKK Landfill Decree 11/02/2005  

$13,000 Settlement Reached with TSM Recovery & Recycling Company (TSM) 10/31/2005  

State Certifies Environmental Cleanup at Borello Property in Morgan Hill 10/31/2005  

$5,000 Settlement Reached with Palo Alto Unified School District 10/27/2005  

Sutter Health and its Hospitals Receive Awards for Mercury Reduction Efforts 10/21/2005  

Sutter Health to Receive Award for Mercury Reduction 10/20/2005  

$10,356 Settlement Reached with All Phase Environmental, Inc. 10/18/2005  

Governor Signs Methamphetamine Cleanup Bills 10/06/2005  

$13,000 Settlement Reached with Evergreen Environmental Services 10/06/2005  

$22,500 Settlement Reached with ConocoPhillips 10/05/2005  

Criminal Investigation Detects Major Illegal Waste Disposal Operation in the Antelope Valley 09/28/2005   T-50-05

State Certifies Environmental Cleanup at Oakland East Bay Habitat for Humanity Site 09/26/2005  

DTSC Acknowledges Successful Pollution Prevention in Sacramento 09/22/2005  

Department Issues $123,000 Enforcement Order to Lodi Chrome 09/22/2005  

Local Metal Finishing Shop to Receive Recognition from State 09/21/2005  

State reaches $55,000 Settlement with Union Pacific and East Carbon Development Company for hazardous waste violations 09/16/2005  

Cal/EPA Rolls Out Mobile Laboratory to Assist in Terror Attacks, Natural Disasters 09/15/2005  

Cal/EPA Secretary Alan Lloyd Unveils Mobile Laboratory to Assist in Terror Attacks, Natural Disasters 09/14/2005  

Cleanup Plan for Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Approved 09/01/2005  

DTSC Certifies Folsom State Prison Environmental Cleanup 08/19/2005  

Settlement Reached With JDS Uniphase Corporation 07/29/2005  

Third Transporter Sting Operation in 2005 Nets Eight 07/26/2005  

$50,000 Settlement Reached with the City of Oakland 07/14/2005  

Bay Area Undercover Operation Nets Nine Law Breakers 06/29/2005  

Loomis Hills Estate Subdivision Press Release 06/21/2005  

Sting Nets Ten Law Breakers 06/09/2005  

Kaiser Permanente Hospitals Receive Award for Mercury Elimination 06/07/2005  

Kaiser Receives Corporate Certificate of Appreciation California Hospitals Now Virtually Mercury Free 06/06/2005  

$36,000 Settlement Reached with R Squared Circuits 06/03/2005  

Members of Community Advisory Group Selected 05/25/2005  

DTSC Settles Four Hazardous Waste Violation Cases In Southern California 05/20/2005  

Cal/EPA Announces Decision Regarding Lead Regulatory Oversight Responsibilities 05/12/2005  

California Compliance School Celebrates 10 Years of Instruction 05/04/2005  

$27,500 Settlement Reached With Alpert & Alpert Iron and Metal, Incorporated 05/03/2005  

$10,500 Settlement Reached With Environmental Recovery Services, Inc. 05/02/2005  

$28,350 Settlement Reached With American Technologies, Inc. 04/29/2005  

$127,000 Settlement Reached with HMR (USA) Incorporated 04/28/2005  

$400,000 Settlement Reached with SPS Technologies, LLC 04/27/2005  

State Announces Agreement with Genentech to Develop Brownfield Site 04/26/2005  

DTSC Honors Auto Shop for Pollution Prevention Efforts 04/19/2005  

Local Auto Repair Shop to Receive State Award 04/15/2005  

$27,000 Settlement Reached with Black Gold Industries 04/14/2005  

Department Releases Garden Valley Study: Recommends Re-Surfacing of Asbestos Containing Roads 04/08/2005  

$849,500 Settlement Reached with Romic Environmental Technologies 04/07/2005  

DTSC Certifies River Street Redevelopment Site in Santa Cruz 03/21/2005  

$50,000 Settlement Reached with Mirant Delta, LLC 03/21/2005  

$30,000 Settlement Reached with Industrial Services Oil Company, Inc. 03/18/2005  

$12,000 Settlement Reached with Mr. Julio Brincat 03/18/2005  

$12,000 Settlement Reached with Surface Protection Industries Incorporated 03/10/2005  

$25,000 Settlement Reached with Mel Bernie and Company, Inc. 03/09/2005  

$14,000 Settlement Reached with APC Contractor, Inc. 03/02/2005  

DTSC Requires Pacific Gas and Electric's Topock Facility to Initiate Contingency Plan 02/22/2005  

$28,840 Settlement Reached With Imperial Valley Resources Recovery Company 02/14/2005  

$35,800 Settlement Reached with Southern California Edison, Arizona Pipeline Company and Metalclad Insulation Corporation 01/21/2005  

$60,000 Settlement Reached With Crosby & Overton, Inc. 01/20/2005  

Enforcement Order Issued to Abbott’s Waste Oil Service, Inc. 01/11/2005  

$35,000 Settlement Reached with Mineral King Minerals, Inc. 01/06/2005  

$150,000 Settlement Reached with Moore Agricultural Products Company, Inc. 01/06/2005  

SMUD Fleet Repair Shops Recognized for Pollution Prevention Efforts 01/06/2005  

$39,000 Settlement Reached With Coffman Specialties, Inc. 01/04/2005  

$22,040 Settlement Reached With Coherent, Inc. 01/03/2005