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DTSC Press Releases 2006

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Alternative Cleanup Technology Treats Contaminated Groundwater at Barstow Marine Corps Logistics Base 12/29/2006  

Law to Restrict Heavy Metals in Electronic Devices 12/15/2006  

DTSC Renews Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's Hazardous Waste Permit 11/22/2006  

DTSC certifies cleanup of Pacific States Steel site in Union City 11/03/2006  

DTSC Certifies Cintas/Dedominico Site in San Leandro 11/03/2006  

First Employee E-Waste Round Up With Goodwill Industries of Orange County 10/25/2006  

First Employee E-Waste Round Up With Goodwill Industries of Orange County 10/24/2006  

DTSC to sponsor Green Chemistry Symposium 10/18/2006  

DTSC certifies cleanup of Port of Richmond site 10/18/2006  

Press Advisory: Green Chemistry Symposium to be held in Sacramento 10/17/2006  

DTSC to recognize AAA for pollution prevention accomplishments 10/13/2006  

Press Advisory: DTSC to recognize AAA for pollution prevention accomplishments 10/13/2006  

$35,240 Order Issued to Crosby & Overton, Inc. 10/06/2006  

$29,925 Settlement Reached With Service First Environmental 10/05/2006  

$71,950 Issued to Eurodesign Cabinets, Inc. 10/04/2006  

1st Site Certified Under Brownfield Cleanup Act (AB 389) 10/03/2006  

Palace Plating Environmental Crimes Task Force Levies Administrative & Criminal Penalties 10/03/2006  

DTSC high-efficiency oil filter study shows promising results 10/02/2006  

State commends UC as 1st educational Take-It-Back Partner in California 09/27/2006  

U.C. to Become First Educational 'Take-it-Back' Partner in State 09/26/2006  

Mercury Switch Recycling Program Ongoing Success 09/26/2006  

State Welcomes Goodwill Industries to Take-It-Back Partnership 09/19/2006  

P2 Week Sacramento 09/19/2006  

Regulators and Businesses Join Forces to Tackle Pollution 09/19/2006  

Cal/EPA Recognizes Businesses Committed to Pollution Prevention 09/18/2006  

State Commends Goodwill 1st Take-It-Back Partner in San Diego 09/15/2006  

Pollution Prevention Week 09/15/2006  

DTSC certifies cleanup of Chico Burn Piles 09/11/2006  

Consent Order Resolves Crosby & Overton Manifest Violations 09/01/2006  

Consent Order issued for violations at Lawrence Livermore National Lab 08/31/2006  

Changeover Slated for September 5, 2006 New Hazardous Waste Manifests Impact 120,000 Businesses 08/28/2006  

DTSC Accepts Georgia Pacific site 08/23/2006  

$10,000 Settlement Reached with AX-IT International Inc. 08/14/2006  

Director Commends National Mercury Switch Agreement 08/11/2006  

DTSC Certifies Cleanup at Former Silver Queen Junkyard Site, Mojave 08/09/2006  

Cleaning up "Legacy Pesticides": Topic of DTSC Presentation at Agriculture Conference in Sacramento 08/08/2006  

$11,000 Settlement Reached with Offshore Crane and Service Company dba T&T Truck and Crane Service 08/04/2006  

DTSC and Waste Oil Collectors Sponsor Manifest Training in Berkeley 08/03/2006  

Enforcement Order Issued to Intercoastal, LLC 07/26/2006  

Settlement Reached With ASE Contracting 07/25/2006  

Settlement Reached With Safety Kleen Systems, Inc. 07/24/2006  

Santa Ana Chrome-plating Company Cited for Hazardous Waste Violations 07/14/2006  

Settlement Reached with Asbury Environmental Services 07/10/2006  

DTSC & CWA Sponsor Manifest Training in Fresno 07/03/2006  

DTSC & CWA Sponsor Manifest Training in Santa Clara 07/03/2006  

DTSC & CWA Sponsor Manifest Training in Sacramento 07/03/2006  

DTSC & CWA Sponsor Manifest Training in Berkeley 07/03/2006  

DTSC & CWA Sponsor Manifest Training in Redding 07/03/2006  

DTSC settlement will boost State Fire Marshal's efforts to manage illegal fireworks 06/30/2006  

DTSC Certifies Hudson ICS Site in San Leandro 06/29/2006  

DTSC Enforcement Action: Order Issued to Romic environmental Technologies 06/15/2006  

$140,000 Order Issued to V-M Enterprises, Inc., dba Crocker Plating Works 06/15/2006  

Purgreen Environmental Fined $18,500 Unable to Transport Hazardous Waste for at Least Five Years 06/08/2006  

DTSC & CWA Sponsor Manifest Training in Southern California 06/07/2006  

Federal Mandates Bring Changes to Hazardous Waste Manifests 06/06/2006  

DTSC's Data on Hazardous Waste Cleanups Goes On-line 05/25/2006  

DTSC reaches settlement with Lodi Chrome over hazardous waste violations 05/23/2006  

State Adopts Emergency Regulations for Perchlorate-Containing Materials 05/16/2006  

DTSC Receives $3-Million Brownfields Grant from EPA 05/12/2006  

California Take-It-Back Partnership Campaign 05/11/2006  

$10,000 Settlement Agreement with GATX Rail 05/11/2006  

Innovative Remedial Technology Treatment Used for Southern California Edison Facility 05/10/2006  

Department Issues $23,100 Enforcement Order to Jim Arnold dba Purgreen Environmental and Terry Bissman 05/10/2006  

Management of BKK Landfill Transfers to Responsible Parties 05/10/2006  

DTSC Certifies Cleanup at Former TH Agriculture & Nutrition Site in Fresno 05/09/2006  

State and Sacramento County Environmental Management Department Certify Former Pesticide Site in Sacramento 05/09/2006  

Health Care Sector to Recognize DTSC for its Mercury Reduction Program 04/17/2006  

State to Receive $300,000 in Casmalia Resources Settlement 04/17/2006  

DTSC Certifies Environmental Cleanup of Three NASA Ames Sites 04/10/2006  

DTSC Settles Dispute with Bay Bridge Subcontractor 04/10/2006  

U.S. Attorney's Office Indicts Universal Waste Hauler 03/09/2006  

$15,000 Settlement Reached with Atlas Pacific Corporation 02/23/2006  

$50,000 Settlement Agreement with Esparza's Welding and Machine Shop, Inc 02/22/2006  

New Waste Disposal Rules Apply to Batteries, Fluorescent Lights Four-Year Exemption for Households, Small Businesses to Expire 01/23/2006  

Tracy Hazardous Waste Transporter Cited for Violations 01/11/2006  

Emergency Response Mobile Laboratory Tours Southern California 01/09/2006  

St. Joseph Health System Receives Award for Mercury Reduction Efforts 01/09/2006  

Settlement Reached with Abatement Services Operations Inc 01/09/2006  

$20,161 Settlement Reached with Smith Systems Transportation, Inc. 01/04/2006  

Asbestos Violator Sentenced to 180 Days in Jail 01/04/2006