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DTSC Press Releases 2010

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  Bay Area 3rd and 4th Graders Beat College Students and Adults in Statewide Pollution Prevention Video Contest! 12/08/2010   Advisory

  State signs historic agreements with DOE and NASA to clean-up the Santa Susanna Field Lab site 12/06/2010   Advisory

  Revisions and 15-Day Comment Period for Safer Consumer Product Regulations 11/16/2010   Advisory

  DTSC Holds Public Hearing On Proposed Green Chemistry Regulation 10/29/2010   Advisory

  State Reaches Final Draft Agreement on SSFL Cleanup with DOE 10/27/2010   T-16-10

  State Fines Rancho Cordova Company $600,000 for Endangering the Environment 10/26/2010   T-15-10

  Symposium Examines Green Chemistry in Teaching, Research and the New Green Workforce 10/19/2010   Advisory

  President’s Cancer Panel Member Speaks at Symposium on Chemical Policy 10/18/2010   T-14-10

  DTSC Orders Kettleman Facility to Clean Up PCB Contamination 10/18/2010   T-13-10

  DTSC Green Chemistry Symposium Examines Alternatives for a Healthier California 10/13/2010   Advisory

  DTSC and UCLA Present Nanotechnology VI Symposium: ‘Progress in Protection’ 10/11/2010   Advisory

  DTSC Recognizes Central Valley Firm For Pollution Prevention 10/04/2010   Advisory

  DTSC Announces More Than Half A Million Dollars In Grant Funds To Build Homes And Create Jobs In Bay Area 09/27/2010   T-10-10

  California’s Green Chemistry Initiative Gets $337K Boost in Support 09/23/2010   T-11-10

  DTSC Awards Half a Million Dollars to Provide Housing, Jobs, and Revitalization in Bay Area 09/21/2010   T-10-10

  State Releases Proposed Green Chemistry Regulation 09/14/2010   T-09-10

  State Reaches Agreements In Principle on SSFL Cleanup with DOE and NASA 09/03/2010   T-08-10

  DTSC Announces Arrests in Major E-waste Fraud Case 08/25/2010   T-07-10

  DTSC to Host Second Alternatives Analysis Symposium 07/09/2010   Advisory

  DTSC Releases Draft Green Chemistry Regulation 06/23/2010   T-06-10

  Green Chemistry - Alternatives Analysis Symposium I: Issues and Evolution, Capitalizing on Success 06/07/2010   Advisory

  DTSC Warns about Proper Disposal of Dangerous Skin Lightening Creams Containing Mercury 05/28/2010   Advisory

  DTSC Releases Outline of Draft Regulations 04/23/2010   T-05-10

  DTSC Announces Green Chemistry Award Winner 04/07/2010   T-04-10

  DTSC Establishes Green Chemistry Award for 2010 Sacramento Regional Science and Engineering Fair 03/25/2010   T-03-10

  DTSC to Participate in Black Expo 2010 02/18/2010   Advisory

  Video Available of Recovery Act Funds Putting Californians to Work! 02/17/2010   T-02-10

  DTSC Encourages California Super Bowl Fans to “score one for the environment.” 02/03/2010   T-01-10