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DTSC Press Releases 2013

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  DTSC Executes Search Warrant on Scrap Metal Recycling Facility in Los Angeles County 11/20/2013   T-23-13

  DTSC Wins Temporary Restraining Order Against Richmond Plating Facility 11/12/2013   T-22-13

  Pilkington North America, Inc. agrees to pay $207,723 to settle charges that it endangered the environment and public health 10/28/2013   T-21-13

  DTSC announces additional requirements on Exide plant 10/07/2013   T-20-13

  DTSC Holding Media Call Regarding Exide facility in Vernon 10/07/2013   Advisory

  DTSC Awards $325,000 in Services to Five California Communities to Support Redevelopment 10/04/2013   T-19-13

  DTSC launches pioneering Safer Consumer Products initiative 09/26/2013   T-18-13

  Launch Event For California's Safer Consumer Products Regulations 09/25/2013   Advisory

  Sampling to begin in community adjacent to Vernon lead battery recycler 08/27/2013   T-17-13

  Ironman Parts and Services to Pay $45,000 for Illegal Disposal of Toxic Diesel Exhaust Filter Dust 08/20/2013   T-16-13

  DTSC Changes Dates for Kettleman Hills Comment Period, Public Hearing 08/13/2013   Advisory

  DTSC Files Complaint Against Richmond Plating Company for Numerous Alleged Hazardous Waste Violations 08/09/2013   T-15-13

  DTSC Holding Two Community Workshops in Kettleman City 07/30/2013   Advisory

  EIR Process Begins On New Used Oil Recycling Facility In Irwindale 07/22/2013   T-14-13

  DTSC Approves Final Piece of Cleanup at Downtown Sacramento Railyard 07/03/2013   T-13-13

  El DTSC emite el Borrador de la Decisión sobre la Instalación en Kettleman y Anuncia una Iniciativa para Reducir los Residuos del Relleno Sanitario en un 50% 07/02/2013   T-12-13-Span

  DTSC Issues Draft Decision on Kettleman Facility and Announces Initiative to Reduce Landfill Waste by 50 percent 07/02/2013   T-12-13

  Disponibilidad de la prensa en el centro de gestión de residuos de productos químicos en Kettleman Hills 07/02/2013   Advisory

  Media Advisory - Press Availability on Chemical Waste Management facility in Kettleman Hills 07/02/2013   Advisory

  New mercury recycling requirements effective July 1 07/01/2013   T-11-13

  Settlement reached in tainted jewelry lawsuit 06/03/2013   T-10-13

  State releases regulations for recycling old mercury thermostats 05/22/2013   T-09-13

  EPA Transfers Operations of Whittier Narrows Treatment Plant to State of California Billions of Gallons of Groundwater Treated To Date 05/17/2013  

  DTSC Ordena a la Planta Exide de Reciclage de Baterias con Plomo en Vernon, que Suspenda sus Operaciones 04/24/2013   T-08-13s

  DTSC Orders Exide Lead Battery Recycling Plant in Vernon to Suspend Operation 04/24/2013   T-08-13

  Press Briefing on Exide Battery Recycling Facility in Vernon 04/24/2013   Advisory

  Aviso de Prensa sobre la Planta Exide Battery Recycling Facility, Exide, Planta de Reciclaje de Baterias en Vernon 04/24/2013   Advisory

  Fires Prompt DTSC to Order Facility to Cease Hazardous Waste Consolidation Operations 04/05/2013   T-07-13

  Response to Speaker John A. Perez's Call for Action at Exide Plant 04/05/2013   T-06-13

  DTSC Will Host Prestigious Flame Retardants Conference 04/03/2013   T-05-13

  DTSC anuncia multa sustancial para la Planta de Kettleman 03/27/2013   T-04-13s

  DTSC Announces Substantial Fine for Kettleman Facility 03/27/2013   T-04-13

  Conferencia de prensa en las instalaciones Química de tratamiento de desechos en Kettleman City 03/26/2013   Advisory

  Press Briefing on Chem Waste Management facility in Kettleman City 03/26/2013   Advisory

  Topock Compressor Station Lawsuit Settled 03/11/2013   T-03-13

  Dangerous Chemicals Found in Yuba City 01/24/2013   Advisory

  Environmental Enforcement Brings Money to California 01/11/2013   T-02-13

  California Communities Get New Parks, Homes and Open Space Your 2012 Taxpayers’ Dollars at Work. 01/09/2013   T-01-13