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DTSC Press Releases 2014

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  Neutrogena fined for hazardous waste violations at its facility in Los Angeles 12/18/2014   T-24-14

  Residential Cleanup near Exide Technologies 12/03/2014   Advisory

  Sims Group USA to Pay Nearly $2.4 Million for Unlawful Release and Disposal of Hazardous Waste 11/24/2014   T-23-14

  Statement Concerning DTSC’s Involvement in the $23.8 Million Settlement with AT&T Announced by Attorney General Kamala D. Harris 11/21/2014  

  Judge Approves DTSC Enforcement Order Against Exide Technologies 11/21/2014  

  Richmond Metal Plating Company Shut Down by Court Order 11/17/2014   T-22-14

  DTSC approves cleanup plan to remove lead from contaminated yards in two residential areas near the Exide Technologies battery recycling facility 11/07/2014   T-21-14

  DTSC anuncia orden de ejecución 11/06/2014   T-20-14 S

  DTSC Announces Enforcement Order, Exide Technologies 11/06/2014   T–20–14

  DTSC Files Complaint Against the U.S. Army 10/20/2014   T-19-14

  Plating Shop Operators Plead to Felony and Misdemeanor Charges 08/20/2014   T-18-14


  $36,000 Settlement Reached With Ruuhwa Dann & Associates, Inc. DBA Cal Micro Recycling 07/01/2014   T-16-14

  DTSC presenta una demanda contra FedEx Ground: La compañía supuestamente manejó mal materiales peligrosos transportados por todo California 06/26/2014   T-15-14s

  DTSC files complaint against FedEx Ground: Company allegedly mishandled hazardous materials shipped in California 06/26/2014   T-15-14

  DTSC Takes Enforcement Action Against Buttonwillow Landfill 06/24/2014   T-14-14

  DTSC encuentra la aplicación de permiso de Exide deficiente 06/17/2014   T-13-14s

  DTSC Finds that Exide's Permit Application is Deficient 06/17/2014   T-13-14

  Dos compañías en el condado de San Diego pagarán $70,000 por manejo inadecuado de desechos peligrosos 06/10/2014   T-12-14s

  San Diego County companies to pay $70,000 for improper handling of hazardous waste 06/10/2014   T-12-14

  DTSC Finalizes Permit Modification for Kettleman Hills Hazardous Waste Facility 05/21/2014   T-11-14

  Lowe’s to Pay $18.1 Million Settlement for Illegal Handling and Disposal of Hazardous Waste 04/02/2014   T-10-14

  DTSC Enhances the Public’s Access to Inspection and Enforcement Data 04/01/2014   Advisory

  Criminal Complaint Filed Against Metal Recycling Facility Owner and Property Owner for Alleged Hazardous Waste Violations 03/24/2014   T-09-14

  DTSC Cleanup Site to Become Cold Storage Facility in Long Beach 03/18/2014   T-08-14

  Criminal Charges Filed Against Richmond Plating Facility for Alleged Unlawful Management of Hazardous Waste 03/13/2014   T-07-14

  DTSC challenges manufacturers to make products safer 03/13/2014   T-06-14

  Announcement of California's Draft Priority Products 03/10/2014   Advisory

  DTSC grant seeks to make a difference in environmentally burdened community 02/25/2014   T-05-14

  DTSC Investigation Leads to Arrest and Felony Charges Related to Hazardous Waste Transportation Business 02/18/2014   T-04-14

  News Release: Criminal Complaints Filed Against Metal Recycling Facilities' Owner for Alleged Hazardous Waste Violations 02/04/2014   T-03-14

  Former Hazardous Waste Transporter Receives Penalties of $243,000 and a Permanent Ban for Several Violations 01/20/2014   T-02-14

  Former hazardous waste transporter sentenced for unlawful disposal, storage and transportation of hazardous waste 01/08/2014   T-01-14