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DTSC Press Releases 2015

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  Statement Concerning DTSC’s Involvement in the $25.95 Million Settlement with Comcast Cable Communications Announced by Attorney General Kamala D. Harris 12/15/2015  

  DTSC empezó a eliminar suelo contaminado con plomo de patios residenciales en la Área Ampliada cerca de Exide Technologies 12/03/2015   T-17-15S

  DTSC Begins Removing Lead-Contaminated Soil from Residential Yards in Expanded Area near Exide Technologies 12/03/2015   T-17-15

  Comunicado de Prensa - Disponibilidad de Noticiero de Prensa Limpieza de suelo contaminado en la Área Ampliada de Exide Technologies 12/02/2015   Advisory

  News Media Availability: Cleanup of contaminated soil in Exide Technologies Expanded Area 12/02/2015   Advisory

  DTSC Independent Review Panel Convenes First Meeting 11/17/2015   Advisory

  DTSC removes hazardous waste from a metal plating company in Richmond, owner sent to prison 11/09/2015   T-16-15

  DTSC to build a storm water diversion system at a 99-year-old dam site to protect Jackson 11/03/2015   T-15-15

  DTSC begins building a storm water diversion system to protect the City of Jackson 11/02/2015  

  DTSC Begins Cleanup and Additional Sampling of the Expanded Residential Area Impacted by Exide 10/30/2015   T-14-15

  DTSC Releases Key Safer Consumer Products Guidance Document 09/24/2015   T-13-15

  News Release: DTSC’s Emergency Response Unit to clean up hazardous waste from wildfires 09/17/2015   T-12-15

  DTSC Announces Funding for Initial Cleanup and Further Testing in the Expanded Area Around the Exide Facility 08/21/2015   T-11-15

  Senate Votes to Confirm Barbara A. Lee Director of DTSC 08/20/2015   T-10-15

  DTSC Director Barbara A. Lee and Alameda County DA Nancy E. O’Malley Announce Sentencing of Two Defendants for Environmental Crimes 07/29/2015  

  Launch of the Bayview Hunters Point Environmental Justice Response Task Force 07/20/2015   T-09-15

  ECS Refining to Pay Almost $220,000 for Hazardous Waste Violations 04/09/2015   T-08-15

  DTSC assists Siskiyou county District Attorney in felony hazardous waste case 03/30/2015  

  Schaffer Grinding Company, Inc. to Pay $160,000 to Settle Hazardous Waste Violations, Including Illegal Exportation of Hazardous Waste 03/25/2015   T-07-15

  DTSC Announces Order to Close Exide Facility and Steps to Protect Community with Enhanced Cleanup 03/12/2015   T-06-15

  DTSC Cites Gallo Glass Company for Using Hazardous Waste in Wine Bottles 03/02/2015   T-05-15

  Owner of Richmond Metal Plating Company Pleads Guilty to Criminal Charges, Closes Business 02/20/2015   T-04-15

  Group of Former Customers to Take Over Groundwater Investigation at BKK Landfills Facility 02/02/2015   T-03-15

  DTSC Takes Action Against Retailers Selling Tainted Jewelry 01/29/2015   T-02-15

  DTSC Issues Violations against Exide Facility in Vernon 01/28/2015   T-01-15

  DTSC assists Yolo County in Enforcement Case against Safeway 01/05/2015