2016 Workshops & Events


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November 15, 2016 Webinar
Help DTSC Research Potential Priority Products


On November 15, 2016, a webinar was presented that provided an overview of DTSC's progress towards Priority Product selection and outlined opportunities for input on three topics:

This webinar was the beginning of an engagement process allowing stakeholders the opportunity to provide information on these areas of interest. This information will help inform DTSC decisions regarding the next round of Priority Products.

The background documents on each topic to solicit further information can be found on our CalSAFER system.


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September 8, 2016 Webinar
Demonstration of the OECD Substitution and Alternatives Assessment (SAAT) Toolbox



The US Environmental Protection Agency and Abt Associates demonstrated the OECD Substitution and Alternatives Assessment Toolbox (SAAT). The SAAT was designed as a comprehensive resource portal for information relevant to conducting an alternatives assessment. It's intended for a broad range of users with varying levels of expertise in the field.

Features of the OECD Alternatives Assessment Toolbox include:

  • Interactive tool selector
  • Inventory of alternatives assessment frameworks
  • Case studies
  • Regulations and restrictions
  • Links to toolkits and other relevant resources

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