How will the Candidate Chemicals List Change over Time?

Candidate Chemical Database

The Candidate Chemicals List is updated when there are changes to the authoritative lists. DTSC reviews and updates the Informational List quarterly to reflect these changes.

Two of the authoritative lists (the 13th Report on Carcinogens, and the Centers for Disease Control 4th National Report) refer to specific versions of published reports. Chemicals added to subsequent reports do not become Candidate Chemicals. DTSC may follow the activities of these authoritative organizations and may add subsequent reports by revising the SCP regulations.

DTSC may add individual chemicals or chemical source lists to the Candidate Chemicals list, or remove them by adopting new regulations using the criteria in section 69502.2(b). These revisions may be a result of DTSC research or a petition  submitted by an external stakeholder. Anyone wishing DTSC to revise the Candidate Chemicals list may submit a petition. DTSC will add to or remove Candidate Chemicals from the Informational List after regulations have been adopted and they take effect.