What is the Candidate Chemicals List?

Candidate Chemical Database

DTSC developed an informational list of Candidate Chemicals based on established authoritative lists. Priority Products must include a chemical from the Candidate Chemicals List.

If a Candidate Chemical in a product raises concerns, DTSC must evaluate a variety of criteria, including adverse impacts and exposures, before proposing it as a Priority Product.

A Candidate Chemical must exhibit a hazard trait and/or an environmental or toxicological endpoint and is either 1) found on one or more of the authoritative lists specified in section 69502.2(a), or 2) it is listed by DTSC using the criteria specified in section 69502.2(b). Click here to view section 69502.2.

DTSC posts the Informational list of Candidate Chemicals on its website and updates the list quarterly to reflect changes in the authoritative lists, which are updated by their authoritative organizations (section 69502.3(a)). In the event there is a discrepancy between the criteria in section 69502.2 and the Informational Candidate Chemicals List, the regulation takes priority. To date, DTSC has not added a chemical to the Candidate Chemicals List using the criteria specified in section 69502.2(b).