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Department of Toxic Substances Control
Safer Products and Workplaces Program
P.O. Box 806
Sacramento, CA 95812-0806

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What is the Green Ribbon Science Panel (GRSP)?

The Green Ribbon Science Panel acts as a resource and provides advice to the Department of Toxic Substances Control on a variety of scientific and technical matters related to developing green chemistry and chemicals policy recommendations & implementation strategies.

GRSP Members' Expertise

The GRSP must be made up of experts to provide advice on scientific matters, chemical policy recommendations, and implementation strategies. Panel duties and expertise were established in Health and Safety Code 25254 and 25255. The GRSP members have expertise in the following areas:

Green Ribbon Science Panel Members' Expertise 


GRSP's Future Discussion Topics

As the Safer Consumer Product program moves forward and matures, the GRSP will provide advice and input on a wide range of discussion topics, such as:

  • The Department's Alternative Analysis Guide.  The Guide provides information and resources for the Alternatives Analysis process established in the Safer Consumer Products regulations.  It also relates established alternatives analysis tools and practices to the California requirements.

  • The implementation of the 2015-2017 Priority Products Work Plan.  Over the next two years, the Department will select Priority Products from the product categories described in the Work Plan.  DTSC will use policy priorities along with science-based screening approaches and prioritization criteria to identify potential future Priority Products.

The Department will seek the Panel's review on these approaches and criteria to ensure a robust scientific foundation for its decision making process.  Refer to the Past Meetings section on the GRSP Meetings web page, and the Subcommittees page to see topics discussed at past meetings.  View the current members of the Green Ribbon Science Panel.

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