Contents of the Informational List

Candidate Chemical Database

The Informational Candidate Chemicals List is a compilation of all chemicals identified on the authoritative lists. Since the authoritative lists are dynamic, DTSC updates the informational list quarterly. In the event there is a discrepancy between the criteria in section 69502.2 and the Informational Candidate Chemicals List, the regulation takes priority.

The Informational list includes the chemical name, the Chemical Abstracts Service Registry Number (CAS RN), and the chemical's group name, if applicable. It also includes the authoritative list name and hazard traits which demonstrate why the chemical is listed.

Authoritative lists include entries that are not chemicals, which are not included in the Informational Candidate Chemicals list. Examples of non-chemical entries include turbidity and other physical attributes that impair water bodies, and food, such as Chinese salted fish.

Some authoritative lists include chemicals that are most commonly used as pesticides and prescription drugs, which are statutorily excluded from the definition of "consumer product." While they are outside the scope of the SCP program, they are included in the Candidate Chemicals Database and noted as such for informational purposes. These chemicals may be relevant to the SCP program if they are used in products other than prescription drugs or pesticides. Also, some authoritative lists include chemicals that are unlikely to be in "consumer products" such as radioactive materials, and natural toxins (e.g., aflatoxins), which are also noted in the database.