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Land Use Restricted Sites

land use restricted site is a property where DTSC has placed limits or requirements on future use of the property due to varying levels of cleanup possible, practical, or necessary at the site.

As required by Assembly Bill (AB) 871 and AB 2436, DTSC has developed and posted to its Web site Land Use Restricted Sites Lists to provide the public easy access to information on land use restrictions and affected sites.


SITE MITIGATION AND Restoration Program Sites with Land Use Restrictions

The DTSC Site Mitigation and Restoration Program list includes sites cleaned up under the program's oversight and generally does not include current or former hazardous waste facilities that required a hazardous waste facility permit. The list represents land use restrictions that are active. Some sites have multiple land use restrictions. Not all land use restrictions are available at this time. DTSC will continue to update this list as documents become available.

Waste Management Program Facility Sites with Deed / Land Use Restriction

The DTSC Hazardous Waste Management Program (HWMP) has developed a list of current or former hazardous waste facilities that have a recorded land use restriction at the local county recorder's office. The land use restrictions on this list were required by the DTSC HWMP as a result of the presence of hazardous substances that remain on site after the facility (or part of the facility) has been closed or cleaned up. The types of land use restriction include deed notice, deed restriction, or a land use restriction that binds current and future owners.

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